School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Message from the Dean

Helena Maragou, PhD

The importance of a Liberal Arts education has never been more in need of emphasis than nowadays, when educational institutions are called upon to ascertain society’s commitment to the values of inclusion, diversity, ethical accountability and responsible citizenship. A Liberal Arts education offers a broad as well as in-depth exposure to knowledge that cultivates refined understanding, global consciousness, and ability to deploy creative synthesis which is the foundation of critical, innovative thought.  Not surprisingly, research shows, a Liberal Arts degree is the ticket to employability and professional success, as Liberal Arts majors are more and more in demand in today’s job market for their informed decision-making abilities, communication skills, and structured habits of mind.


Majors (Bachelor’s degree programs)

Department of Communication

Department of English and Modern Languages

Department of Science and Mathematics

Department of History, Philosophy, and the Ancient World

Department of Sociology

Department of Psychology

Department of Information Technology