Ioannis Vetsikas

Information Technology (IT)

Diploma (5-year degree), Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA Greece; MS in Computer Science, Cornell University, USA; PhD in Computer Science, Cornell University USA.

Dr. Vetsikas has been a member of the Deree faculty since 2015. He teaches courses such Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Programming. His research interests lie in the areas of Distributed AI, Multi-agent Systems and e-Commerce. He has published papers in the top conferences on AI and multi-agent systems. He conducts research on intelligent autonomous agents and examines the properties of the resulting multi-agent systems; investigating applications of these techniques in a number of the areas, e.g. service procurement and electricity management, most recently in regards to the charging and usage of electric vehicles. He is actively involved in the trading agent community. His agents have won the International Trading Agent Competition (TAC) on several occasions and he served as general chair for TAC-10 and TAC-13. More recently, his interest have also shifted to include AI for games and game design.