Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Expand your knowledge and develop hands-on studio skills with a Minor in Visual Arts!

Quick info

Complement your studies and enrich your CV with the Minor Certificate in Visual Arts. The certificate, comprising five Studio Art courses and one Art History course, will provide you with an understanding of the distinct areas in the Visual Arts and their possible combinations for the creation of installations. Expand your knowledge, enhance your studio skills and become competitive in your field.

What You Will Study

The Minor Certificate in Visual Arts helps you develop hands-on skills in an array of Art Studio practices. Learn the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, video and digital image.

Excellent to combine with any field of study, especially with IT, Art History, Graphic Design, Psychology, Communication.

The Visual Arts Minor is built through advising in accordance with the specific needs and interests of the student.

The Visual Arts advisor reviews portfolios (if any) of the candidates for the certificate.

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