Eligibility for Acceptance into IHP

The International Honors Program at Deree – The American College of Greece is open to exceptional students from all majors and disciplines, who enjoy independent learning and seek a unique educational experience.

Students who have a C.I. above 3.5 and less than 45 credits, may petition to be officially accepted into the International Honors Program as soon as they have successfully completed WP 1111 Integrated Academic Writing and Ethics.

Students petition for official acceptance into International Honors by submitting an IHP Official Acceptance Application form, a personal statement, and their transcript.

Students are officially accepted into the program once their application has been reviewed and approved by the International Honors Advisory Committee, which comprises the Director of the International Honors Program, three faculty members (one for each of the academic schools), and a student representative.

Provisional Acceptance

The IHP Advisory Committee may grant a student provisional acceptance into the program for the period of one semester or session, if they deem that there is need for additional evidence of the student’s possessing the academic qualifications needed for official acceptance. As provisionally admitted, the student may take up to one Honors seminar.

Exceptional Cases

In rare cases, the IHP Advisory Committee may consider an exception from the standard requirements for official acceptance. Concerning the requirement of a minimum C.I. of 3.5, the Advisory Committee may grant provisional acceptance to a student whose C.I. is 3.45-3.49, on condition that he/she raise their C.I. to 3.5 by the end of the following semester, at which point the student will be granted official acceptance. Likewise, in exceptional cases, the Advisory Committee may grant official acceptance to a student with more than 45 credits, on condition that the student commit him/herself to timely completion of the Honors Program.

Once officially accepted into IHP, students receive tuition reduction scholarships as follows:

C.I. 3.50-3.84: 35% tuition reduction

C.I. 3.85-4.00: 50% tuition reduction

The IHP scholarship is adjusted every fall semester, based on the student’s current C.I.

Scholarships associated with IHP students follow the general scholarship provisions of the College, as stipulated by the office of Financial Assistance and Planning.

Good Standing in the Program

To remain in good standing in the International Honors Program, a student must

  • maintain a minimum I. of 3.5 throughout the course of his/her studies at Deree;
  • complete successfully two Honors Seminars per academic year (or a period of two semesters and two sessions);
  • begin work on the Thesis project without undue delay;
  • Commit no violation of academic and personal integrity

Probationary Status:

Student performance and progress is reviewed by the Director of International Honors at the end of each semester and Summer Session II. If a student falls below a 3.5 C.I., he/she will be given a trial period of one semester to raise his/her C.I. If the student fails to do so, the student will be dismissed from IHP.

In case a student receives an “F” in an Honors seminar, the Director of IHP and the IHP Advisory Committee will deliberate on whether the student may remain in the program.

For a student to graduate with International Honors, the student needs to have a C.I. of 3.5 and above at the time of graduation.

Academic Integrity and Code of Personal Conduct

To be admitted into the International Honors program and to remain in good standing, the student must at all times observe the rules of academic and personal integrity as specified in the college catalogue (pages 274-280). A student who has been found in violation of the code of academic and personal integrity will be dismissed from the International Honors program.