As an academic enrichment program offering unique opportunities and a very substantial scholarship scheme, the International Honors Program targets students who demonstrate an excellent fit and good promise for engaging with the program in the manner, and at the level, defined by the IHP philosophy.

While there is no restriction to how many students can enter each study period, admission to the International Honors Program is determined by a selection process aimed at ascertaining each student’s suitability. The selection process involves the submission of an application, and an interview with the IHP Director and members of the Honors Advisory Committee.

The requirements for an application to be accepted are the following:

  • CI of 3.50 or higher
  • Number of earned credits typically between 20 and 45
  • WP 1111 (Integrated Academic Writing and Ethics) completed
  • No record of academic integrity violations

The application form can be obtained, and should be submitted, by email to [email protected].

The outcome of the selection process may be:

  • Full acceptance, when there is a clear fit with the program’s philosophy
  • Provisional acceptance, when there are concerns regarding the fit with the program’s philosophy and demands, but also clear promise of future engagement
  • Non-acceptance, when there is no clear competence or promise for engaging with the International Honors Program in line with its philosophy. In its decision letter, the selection committee will also indicate whether they would encourage the student to submit a new application at a later date or not.