Event Summaries 2017-2018

June 07, 2018
Στην Καρδιά της Ευρασίας – 7 Ιουνίου 2018
“At the Heart of Eurasia: Central Asia’s Growing Significance”
Plamen Tonchev
Head of Asia Unit, Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER)

May 24, 2018
Ανοιχτη Κοινωνία Μητσοτάκης του Ν. Μαραντζίδη
“100 years after birth and one year after his death”
“Konstantinos Mitsotakis and the Open Society”
Dimitris Dimitrakos
Professor Emeritus, Political Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Nikos Marantzidis
Professor of political science in the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki), Visiting professor at Charles University in Prague

May 17, 2018
Οι Αλήθειες Των Άλλων-πόσο καταλαβαίνουμε την Τουρκία; του Π.Κ. Ιωακειμίδη
“The Truths of the Others: Do we Understand Turkey?”
Panayiotis  C. Ioakimidis, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus, University of Athens

May 10, 2018
“On the Quality and Survival of Democracy”
Vassilis Kontogiannopoulos
Former Minister

April 26, 2018
Foreign Policy Risks and Challenges by Alexis Papachelas
“Foreign Policy: Risks and Challenges”
Alexis Papachelas
Εxecutive Editor of KATHIMERINI Newspaper

March 22, 2018
IDGA – Marshall Plan The Geopolitical Justification
On the occasion of the latest book of Alexandros Costopoulos “Bridges of Cooperation. The Marshall Plan and Greece” (Ikaros Publications)
Vassilis Antoniades – Senior Partner and Managing Director, Τhe Boston Consulting Group, Greece
Alexandros Costopoulos – CEO, FORESIGHT Strategy & Communications; Founder, Repower Greece
Georgios K. Filis – PhD, Adjunct Professor, International Business Department, Associate Member, Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs, Deree – The American College of Greece
Niki Tzavela – MEP (2009-2014); Member, Dean’s Council, Harvard Kennedy School (1998-2009)

March 15, 2018
Άγνωστοι Γεωπολιτικοί Παράμετροι της Ελληνικής Επανάστασης του Μελέτη Μελετόπουλου
“Unknown geopolitical parameters of the Greek Revolution”
Meletis Meletopoulos
Doctor of Economics and Social Sciences of Geneva University, Head of Lykeion of Ionios School

March 8, 2018
Βιώσιμη Ανάπτυξη και Ενεργειακή Ασφάλεια Σ. Τσοτσορός
“Sustainable Development and Energy Security”
Efstathios Tsotsoros
Chairman, Executive Member of BoD, Hellenic Petroleum SA

February 22, 2018
Γεωπολιτικές Εξελίξεις στην περιοχή της Μέσης Ανατολής Αντγος (ε.α.) Ι. Αθ. Μπαλτζώης
“Geopolitical Developments in the Middle East region. The House of Cards in Saudi Arabia, the successor, the prospects, the dangers”
Lt. Gen. (r) Ioannis Ath. Baltzois
M.Sc. Gepolitical – Geostratigical Analyst

February 15, 2018
Έχει Μέλλον η Σοσιαλδημοκρατία; του Σταύρου Θεοδωράκη
“Does Social Democracy Have a Future?”
Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens
Stavros Theodorakis, Leader of the parliamentary political party To Potami (The River)

February 2, 2018
Έχει μέλλον η οικονομία της Αγοράς; Αντώνης Κρούστης
On the occasion of the latest book of Dr. Andreas Andrianopoulos
Discussion “Does the Market Economy have a Future?”
Antonis Kroustis, Writer
George C. Bitros PhD, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, Athens University of Economics and Business
Miranda Xafa PhD, Senior scholar, Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)

January 11, 2018
“Founding a New Party- Lessons From a Personal Experience”
Dr. Nicos C. Alivizatos
Attorney-at-Law, Emeritus Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Athens

December 14, 2017
In the context of lecture series Chapters of History “1966-1967: 50 Years Later”
George Stefanakis

November 20, 2017
“Euro Area Crisis: The Case of Greece and the Role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)”
Dr. Miranda Xafa
CEO, EF Consulting Ltd

November 23, 2017
“In the light of developments in Catalonia: The Return of the Perspective of the City- State”
Dr. Andreas Andrianopoulos
Director, Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs, The American College of Greece

November 2, 2017
“The class struggle, demagogues and overtaxation in Ancient Greece”
Petros Doukas
President, Capital Partners S.A. and Former Deputy Minister of Finance

October 26, 2017
“When justice is not blind Cases of interventions in the administration of justice”
Dionyssis Goussetis, Columnist, KATHIMERINI Νewspaper

October 5, 2017
“Whistleblowers: Their contribution to financial integrity”
Dr. Maria Stylianidou
Member of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority (HSPPA)

October 12, 2017
“Some thought on how the Greek economy can become competitive”
Stefanos Manos
Former Minister