Constantinos Grigoriadis

Constantinos Grigoriadis

Alumnus Profiled: Constantinos Grigoriadis
Graduated: Deree’90
Lives in: Virginia, US
Current Position: Treasury Advisory, Pension Investments, DXC Technology

Life is too short… do it now, do it right, do it for the good.”

CONSTANTINOS GRIGORIADIS was born in Athens, Greece, and graduated from Deree – The American College of Greece in 1990. He earned an MBA in International Finance from the Kogod School of Business, American University, Washington, DC, USA. He started his career at the International Finance Corporation (IFC, member of the World Bank Group) as Chief Market Analyst, European Emerging Markets and then as Portfolio Manager, Pension Investments at the Treasury of the World Bank. Constantinos established and managed Alpha Finance U.S. in New York, a boutique broker/dealer before joining U.S. Trust & Co. (Bank of America) as Senior VP responsible for European Family Offices. In addition, he established and managed two separate single-family offices for ultra-high-net-worth families before joining Societe Generale Bank & Trust, as Executive Director, Head of Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals & Family Offices, Greece/Cyprus and the Middle East. In 2014, Constantinos joined OBM, S.A., as Head of Investments & Global Asset Allocation. He is currently the Treasury Advisor, Pension Investments at DXC Technology.

Constantinos is married to Iustina and he is the father of three young kids.


Q.: What are three enduring lessons you learned during your studies at Deree?

  • Leading by example.
  • Research, study, and apply.
  • Team player with clear vision and targets.

Q.: Describe Deree in three words.

USA in Greece

Q.: One of your favorite Deree memories?

Realizing – as a Finance major – that I have to take Sociology, Psychology and History of Art classes, I was “scared to death”. I ended up being one of the best students in all three classes. I loved it.

Q.: What do you miss most from your days at Deree?

Endless hours in the Library, coffee breaks with friends at the Cafeteria.

Q.: What was your favorite spot on campus?


Q.: Who was your favorite professor and why?

It is very difficult for me to pick one between Lila Mordochae and Nicholas Ritsonis. Excellent professors, unique ability to communicate with students and… friends today.

Q.: Have you kept in touch with any of your classmates?

Very few friends and many “Outlook contacts”. Social media today help me stay in touch with all of them.

Q.: How did Deree help prepare you for your professional life?

For me, Deree was the strong educational base I needed and the unique experience I was looking for to continue my studies and later on my career in the USA. Deree professors and staff, studying materials (always latest editions), beautiful campus and – last but not least – the American educational plan completely changed my professional life.

Q.: What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“In life and in business, always honor your word…signatures are optional” (our family value that passed from my grandfather – a proud Pontian Greek – to my father and now to me).

Q.: What (or who) inspires you most?

I am inspired by my family. They empower me to achieve my life dreams and hopes. I have had many challenges along the way but they support me in my long career journey. I will forever be grateful to them for their values and ethics.

Q.: Your motto in life?

“Life is too short… do it now, do it right, do it for the good”

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