Other Benefits

Sibling Benefits

A Sibling Benefit provides a tuition reduction and is awarded when two or more dependent children from the same family concurrently attend The American College of Greece divisions of Pierce and Deree. These grants are awarded independently of financial need.

Extent of the Award

  • When two dependent children from the same family attend Deree, a 10% tuition reduction is awarded for each student.
  • When one sibling attends Deree and the other attends Pierce, the benefit covers a 20% tuition reduction for the student studying at Deree.
  • When more than two siblings attend Deree, the student that has accumulated the higher number of credits at ACG receives a 50% tuition reduction.

Eligibility Requirements

The siblings must be concurrently enrolled.

Application Procedure

Students qualifying for these grants must submit a written statement to the Business Office that they have a sibling/siblings studying at The American College of Greece.

ACG Alumni Benefits

The ACG Alumni Benefit offers a 10% tuition reduction to graduates of Deree, the Graduate and Professional Education School and the Alba Graduate Business School. These reductions are provided regardless of financial need. Eligible students must inform the relevant Admissions Office upon readmission.