Student Visa

student visa

A student visa is required for non-EU citizens or residents who wish to study at ACG during the fall or spring semester. ACG officers will guide you through the visa application process; however it is your responsibility to obtain your student visa prior to your arrival in Greece. Keep in mind that you should start the visa process 10-12 weeks prior to the start of your semester at ACG.

In the beginning, you will need from us an official acceptance letter that is certified by the Greek Ministry of Education, which is released after your deposit is settled. There are various ways to make a deposit, depending on your enrollment classification. Specific instructions on making a deposit will be included in your acceptance e-mail. Once you have made the necessary arrangements, our International Student Services Department in Greece will mail the letter to you by courier.

Be sure to visit the website of the Greek Embassy in your country, or the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for a detailed list of the documents required for a student visa:

We urge you to call your nearest Greek Consulate or Embassy to confirm the documentation requirements and interview process, if applicable. To find out where a Greek Consulate or Embassy is located in your region, as well as full contact information, go to:–contact-details-for-greek-missions.html

A student visa is a requirement for study in Greece and for enrollment at The American College of Greece. In the case of you staying in Greece for longer than the duration of your visa, ACG will assist you in obtaining your residence permit.

For questions regarding the student visa and residence permit application process, please contact the International Student Services Coordinators
Tel.: +30 210 600 9800, ext. 1409, 1207
E-mail: [email protected].