Cinema Studies

BA (Hons) in Cinema Studies
Validated by The Open University, UK


The BA in Cinema Studies offers students the opportunity to receive both theoretical and applied education in cinema. It is a highly interdisciplinary program, allowing students to explore different facets of this area of study and work toward reaching their career and postgraduate education goals. Graduates of the program are prepared for both entry jobs in the industry and graduate study.

The Cinema Studies program aims to add distinctive value to our students through the study and practice of filmmaking and thus deepen their understanding of cinema’s relation to society and culture. In particular, the Cinema Studies program invites students from diverse cultural backgrounds to assess and assimilate different ways of studying cinema, its history, aesthetics and practice. Our faculty members bring diverse professional and academic experience to the classroom through knowledge and training that helps students acquire an understanding of cinema as artistic medium and cultural product, as well as develop preproduction, production and post-production skills. The program is facilitated by workshops, masterclasses, visiting lectures and participation in industry or other relevant events.


Specifically, the program aims to:

  • Provide students with an understanding of the history, as well as the social and cultural relevance of cinema;
  • Help students gain an advanced understanding of communication, expression, and storytelling via the moving image;
  • Help students gain media production skills and technical proficiency in areas such as video and visual production, writing and digital media development;
  • Provide students with an understanding of the ethics of the moving image, the normative issues that surround the cinema industry and the politics of cinema;
  • Provide a solid foundation of knowledge and academic skills necessary for further education in the arts, humanities and social sciences;
  • Enhance student-learning experiences by creating opportunities for students to network and learn from professionals in media industries;
  • Provide students with expertise to begin entry-level positions in various areas of film/video production.