First Aid and Healthcare

First Aid and Advice

The College nurses are available to students, faculty and staff to provide with first aid as well as to offer advice and referral to specialists.

Health Checks

This service provides the user with quick and easy checks on a variety of health parameters including cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

Skype with your nurse

If you are unable to stop by and visit the nurse in person, you can always reach her through skype. At ACG we strongly believe that nothing can replace real-life contact with a patient. There are nuances to medical conditions that can be conveyed only during face-to-face interactions.  However, with technology playing a larger role in our lives, we want to make sure that medical information from our campus nurse is accessible to our College Community. Skype is a convenient way to communicate your concerns and receive immediate feedback. The nurse can provide information in relation to the symptoms and can motivate you to either visit the ACG Health & Wellness Center for a proper checkup or seek medical care elsewhere if necessary.

How to get started

The video calls do not have the same intimacy of a medical office visit, but ‘this visit’ is better than ‘no visit. We use it as an initial medical screening tool providing education to our Community. All you really need to do is register, download and install Skype. If you already have an account then just add as a new contact “nurse.deree”.

This service will be available for advising purposes only and not as a method for diagnosis nor for medical counseling. The nurse may not respond immediately if she is busy with a patient or other duties, however she will respond as soon as she is available.

Keep in mind:

  • Skype is not a replacement for your telephone.
  • Skype can’t be used for emergency calling.
  • This is a screening tool for advising purposes only.