• BA (Hons) in English and American Literature
    Validated by The Open University, UK
  • BA (Hons) in English Literature with Linguistics
    Validated by The Open University, UK

Introduction to the Major in English

The English Program at DEREE offers students a choice of studying literature (English and American Literature pathway) or an interdisciplinary combination of literature with linguistics (English Literature with Linguistics pathway). The program focuses on how language and literary texts are structured, and how readers and listeners alike develop and use a range of interpretive strategies to make sense of particular works and/or discourses. In the English and American Literature pathway, students learn to interpret literature through close reading of individual texts; to explore and examine the wider historical, political and social contexts in which literary works and/or theories were produced and formulated; and to develop informed perspectives on authors, works, movements and theories significant within an academic context and relevant to broader cultural issues. In the English Literature with Linguistics pathway, students learn about the systematic and analytic study of language – from the sounds and gestures of speech up to the organization and structure of words, sentences, and meaning; students also delve into the use and application of language and language theories in a wide range of interdisciplinary contexts, such as philosophy, psychology, anthropology, pedagogy and literature.

What You Will Study

Students explore a variety of literary texts, cultures, and ways of thinking and analyzing, and may engage in language study through a variety of elective courses in theoretical and applied linguistics if they choose the interdisciplinary combination. English majors read a wide range of engaging works of fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fictional prose from the U.K. and the U.S. as well as from around the world. Students learn to interpret these works from a variety of theoretical perspectives and develop an understanding of literary history. Emphasizing academic discourse and research methods of the discipline, the program prepares students for graduate studies. By providing training in a broad range of skills and competencies, the program also prepares students for a variety of professions.

Career/Graduate Study Opportunities

The broad scope and academic rigor of the English Program guarantees that graduates are prepared for a broad range of professions. A number of graduates have successful careers in teaching, editing, journalism, PR, banking, business and industry, translation, speech therapy, and law while others move on to postgraduate studies in English and related fields.