Community Engagement

ACG is working towards providing supporting substantial improvement to the social and environmental well-being of communities. We strive to be meaningfully socially responsible and sustainable in all of our activities.

We have a long track record of significant community service and engagement mainly through public partnerships, events and activities.

ACG proactively promotes:

  • Best practice standards, respect and accountability across all of its activities
  • Equity and diversity
  • Fairness and respect among employees including wide support of personal development activities
  • Implementation of practices, activities and systems that are environmentally friendly and robust
  • Volunteering, including students, staff & faculty
  • Socially beneficial interaction with our regional local community and NGO


How to get involved

In November 2020, we launched ACG’s own community exchange platform in order to encourage ACG members (students, faculty, and staff) to give a second life to items they no longer need and would otherwise throw away as well as instill the habit of searching for an item second-hand before buying anew!

ACG Sustainability Leaders

If you are a Deree student interested in community service and volunteering, you can join the dedicated sustainability student group.

ACG Farmers’ Market

A volunteer initiative that started in November 2018, in collaboration with the NGO Boroume, and is dedicated to preventing food waste and malnutrition in need, by collecting surplus food from the market stands and donating it to the local church. Do you want to be a food saving warrior?

Sustainability @ Commencement

Since 2019, the ACG Commencement ceremonies are following the Sustainable Events Guidelines, reducing the events’ overall impact, while our graduates can sign the ACG Sustainability Graduation Pledge and commit to leading by example as responsible and engaged citizens and professionals.

ACG Sustainability Pledge

The ACG Pledge identifies several actions & behaviors that can help you become more environmentally, socially and economically responsible in your daily life, on and off campus.

Sustainability Tips

At ACG we try to provide you with sustainable alternatives, inspiration, ideas, and tips on how you can lead a more sustainable life both on and off campus.

Sustainable Living at ACG

We have put together a comprehensive guide on how you can live in a sustainable manner. This guide includes tips for a sustainable lifestyle, facts about Sustainability @ ACG, our campaigns, and ways you can get involved!

ACG Sustainability Walk Map

Where are the sustainability points located on campus? Check our walk map and find out!

Sustainability Orientation 2020

During the new student Orientations throughout the academic year, students are informed about the ACG sustainability-related achievements and ongoing projects.