Heritage Greece Program

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The Heritage Greece Program is an unforgettable educational and cultural immersion experience shared with students from the American College of Greece in Athens. Heritage Greece connects Greek American college-age students to their respective Hellenic heritage, roots and identity through a full itinerary.

Heritage Greece was developed by the National Hellenic Society (NHS) as part of its mission to celebrate, preserve and disseminate Hellenic heritage in the United States. The Heritage Greece Program is hosted by The American College of Greece (ACG), located on a 65-acre modern, safe, and beautiful campus in the outskirts of Athens. The campus served as home to the 2004 United States Olympic team.

Heritage Greece is a gift from the NHS to American students of Hellenic descent, comprising of tailor-made educational and cultural activities that make for an impactful immersion experience. The itinerary includes an insider’s perspective of some the world’s most important museums, as well as archeological and historical sites. The cultural component includes a broad array of activities from a Greek language class to dance and cooking classes with experiential learning throughout Athens. The experience is shared with a peer group of ACG students who together partake in what Heritage Greece alumni have described as a life-changing experience.

The Heritage Greece experience continues beyond the visit to Greece, as the participants then matriculate in the Heritage Greece Alumni Network. The NHS continues its commitment to play a role in helping Heritage Greece participants advance and develop in their careers, and as ambassadors of Hellenic heritage and part of the NHS’ extended family.

Regular Application Deadline is March 18, 2019.

Early-bird Application Deadline is January 14, 2019.

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