Acquire knowledge and expertise in archaeological research and cultural heritage through a Minor in Archaeology!

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Complement your studies and enrich your CV with a Minor in Archaeology. Learn how to draw on the humanities, history, the social sciences, and the physical sciences to identify the unique achievements and the common elements of our shared human past.  Earn important career competencies and prepare yourselves for a wide range of employment opportunities.

What You Will Study

The Archaeology Minor allows students to develop their skills in archaeological approaches to the human past, including field and laboratory techniques, material culture analysis, and cultural heritage management.

As an interdisciplinary field that provides a broad view of the past, the Minor will complement several major degree programs, including but not limited to Anthropology, Applied Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Art and Art History, Classics, Earth Systems, Geological and Environmental Sciences, History, Religious Studies, Heritage Tourism, Heritage Management, the Media, and International Business. Students who wish to pursue master’s or doctoral level studies in preparation for a career in teaching, research, or museum work will find the Archaeology minor to be excellent background.

Through the faculty network students are encouraged to complement their academic preparation with real-world experience, including internships in the field, in the lab, in the museum and in local heritage companies.

Deree Minors Archaeology
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