Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: Theory and Technique – Part II

A Professional Education seminar with
Athanasios Alexandridis, MD PhD.

When: September 20, 2023 – March 6, 2024
every other Wednesday, 20:00-22:00 

Where: Alba Graduate Business School
(6-8 Xenias Street, 115 28, Athens)

Language of Instruction: Greek
Audience: By registration only

Registration Deadline: September 19, 2023


The seminar aims to deepen on the theory and technique of psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children and adolescents. Based on clinical cases treated by famous psychoanalytic psychotherapists of children, like the cases of Piggle by D. Winnicott and Sammy by J. McDougall, as well as his own clinical experience, the psychoanalyst and child psychiatrist Dr. Athanasios Alexandridis will elaborate on the main aspects of theory and interventions that child therapists must be familiar with. Furthermore, he will focus especially on specific psychopathological entities, like child psychosis, depression, neurosis and other developmental disorders.  As, apart from last year’s participants, the seminar will be open to new attendants, in the first two meetings a thorough revision of the psychoanalytical views on child’s development will be attempted. The interactive dialogue between the instructor and the participants will be the main teaching tool.

Who is this course for?

This seminar is designed for graduate students, senior undergraduate students of psychology, young professionals, psychotherapists and mental health experts who wish to deepen their knowledge of child psychotherapy and develop the corresponding clinical skills.

Why Attend?

  • Expand theoretical knowledge on child and adolescent’s development and psychopathology
  • Enrich the toolkit of therapeutic techniques
  • Learn how to approach psychopathology from a holistic point of view
  • Acquire new therapeutic skills
  • Learn how to work with the entire family as a system

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  • understand in depth the psychopathological symptoms of children and adolescents
  • work with the entire family as a system
  • be more effective in the handling and treatment of difficult cases

Dates & times

Wednesdays, 20:00-22:00

September 20, 2023October 4, 2023October 18, 2023November 1, 2023November 15, 2023November 29, 2023December 13, 2023January 10, 2024January 24, 2024February 7, 2024February 21, 2024March 6, 2024

Certificate of Attendance

In order to be awarded the Certificate of Attendance from the Deree – School of Graduate and Professional Education, you will need to attend 75% of the seminar (at least 18 out of 24 hours of attendance).

Seminar Fees

Regular single participant fee: €300
Members of the ACG Community, Professional Education past participants and the unemployed: €280

Athanasios Alexandridis, MD, PhD


Athanasios Alexandridis is a psychiatrist, child’s psychiatrist, holds a doctorate both in Psychology and Medical science. He is a training analyst of the French (APF), Greek (HPS) and International (IPA) Psychoanalytical Associations. He has been trained in psychosomatics in the Psychosomatic Institute IPSO- P.MARTY, PARIS. He is the author of multiple books and articles. He is the writer of the book “Child’s Psychosoma”, Gavrielides Editions, Athens, 2014 [In Greek], “Le Psychosoma Infantile” L’Harmattan, Paris, 2017 [in French].

For more information, please call 210 600 9800 ext. 1532, 1332 or email [email protected].

Classes start: September 20, 2023