Deree Orientation Leaders


Who We Are

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are highly motivated students whose main purpose is to assist new students in their transition to academic and social life at Deree. This organization helps plan the student orientations held before each semester. During orientation, leaders guide small groups, provide campus-related information, lead group discussions, and serve as mentors for new students!

Deree Orientation leaders make an ideal and comfortable environment for new students by using their good communication skills and welcoming personality. 

Deree Orientation Leaders definitely:

  • Enjoy meeting new people.
  • Work well with others.
  • Show initiative by anticipating situations.
  • Show respect toward one another, Deree as an institution, and toward the new students.
  • Embrace Diversity on campus.
  • Are open to bonding with their fellow Orientation Leaders and new students.
  • Are proud to be Deree students!

If you encompass the above aspects and have: 

  1. Earned at least 15 credits
  2. Achieved good academic standing
  3. Demonstrated school spirit and leadership

Apply now by filling out the below application!  

The application process involves completing a written application form and sitting for an interview with the two Orientation Student Leaders.

Proceed with your application here.

Email: [email protected]
Marina Demi, Senior Manager, Office of Student Affairs

Indicative dates:
2024 Summer I/Term Orientation: May 17
2024 Summer II Orientation: June 25
2024 Fall Orientation: September 9, 10 & 11
2024 Fall Intensive Orientation: October 18
2025 Spring Orientation: January 9 & 10
2025 Summer I/Term Orientation: May 19
2025 Summer II Orientation: June 25