Deree Orientation Leaders


Who We Are

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are highly motivated students whose main purpose is to assist new students in their transition to academic and social life at Deree. This organization helps plan the student orientations held before each semester. During orientation, leaders guide small groups, providing information, serving as mentors for new students; providing and having fun!

Deree Orientation Leaders have…

  • Good Communication Skills – they talk with new students and families; listening to their needs and finding answers to their questions is a priority.
  • A Welcoming Personality – helping new students and their parents feel comfortable and welcome at Deree is their special skill!

Deree Orientation Leaders definitely…

  • Enjoy meeting new people – definitely not a shy bunch, they get to meet hundreds of new students
  • Are proud to be Deree students – they show new students that they made the right choice by choosing to study at Deree
  • Work well with others – working with a team of peers as well as new students, Deree Orientation Leaders get along well with other people
  • Show initiative – although they follow directions, these exceptional leaders are able to anticipate people’s needs and act on them before any further direction is given

Deree Orientation Leaders can…

  • Lead Group Discussions and Talk in front of Large Groups – they lead groups of 15-30 freshmen and share their experiences to help them adjust to and feel more comfortable at Deree.
  • Embrace Diversity in Themselves and Others – these students are contributing citizens in an increasingly global society!  OLs serve as role models as they embrace the many different ethnicities, backgrounds, opinions and talents of each new class.
  • HAVE FUN!!! – during training, throughout Orientation, even the whole year, Orientation Leaders learn to work as a team while having fun and developing long-lasting friendships!

Perhaps you remember your Orientation Leader and you want to become one to welcome future new students to Deree!  To become an Orientation Leader, students must have earned at least 15 credits, be in good academic standing, and demonstrate school spirit and leadership abilities in their application and interview; all Orientation Leaders go through Orientation Leader training once accepted to the organization.

The application process involves completing a written application form and sitting for an interview with the two Orientation Student Leaders.

Proceed with your application here.

Email: [email protected]
Marina Demi, Senior Manager, Office of Student Affairs
Upcoming activities:
Spring 2020 Orientation: January 10
Summer Session I & Summer Term Orientation: May 20
Summer Session II Orientation: June 26