Enrich your analysis/synthesis skills and make a difference in your career with a Minor in Philosophy!

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Complement your studies and enrich your CV with a Minor in Philosophy. Expand your knowledge by means of a solid theoretical background in various branches of philosophy, enhance your argumentation and interpretation skills and have a competitive advantage by becoming an expert in problem-solving in any field.

What You Will Study

The Minor in Philosophy complements your major studies by enhancing your critical analysis skills. Select courses ranging from different philosophical theories, from antiquity to the present, to the interpretation of philosophical texts or problems in contemporary affairs. Depending on the courses you select you will be acquainted with a variety of philosophy theories, alternative standpoints and problem-solving methods.

Excellent to combine with any field of study, especially with the arts, sciences, business, economics and information technology-related fields. Whatever your major, the Philosophy courses you select will offer diversity to your transcript and increase career opportunities in the future. You will differ!

Deree Minors Philosophy

What You Will Study

one required L4 course


Introduction to Philosophy

+ any other L4


Critical Thinking

Philosophy and Technology


Philosophy and Cinema

Greek Philosophy

+ any two L5


Evolution and Revolution

Ethics (or Business Ethics)

Introduction to Logic

Social and Political Philosophy

American Philosophy


The Rise of Modern Philosophy

Privacy, Policy, Law and Technology

Theory of Knowledge

+ any two L6


Kant and German Idealism

Plato and Aristotle

Phenomenology: Husserl and Heidegger

Postmodernism: Foucault and Derrida

Philosophy of Science

Philosophical Anthropology

Philosophy of Mind

Seminar in Selected Texts

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