Griffins Green

In our effort to support ACG’s goal of promoting sustainability on the ACG campus and beyond, we are proud to share the “GRIFFINS GREEN DEREE ATHLETICS” plan to reduce its environmental footprint and raise awareness among the students, athletes, visitors, and participants of its programs!

Actions taken

  2. ARTIFICIAL TURF with – eco-friendly – CORK INFILL at the SOCCER FIELD – no watering.
  3. NEW LED LIGHTS at the Deree Gym, Fitness Center, Soccer and Track Complex, Swimming Pool, Pierce Gym.
  4. RECYCLING BINS at the athletic facilities.
  5. Community programs: ON-LINE REGISTRATION, BOOKING, PAYMENT – thousands of paper sheets saved.
  6. REQUEST only for recyclable material, and compostable plates, cups, cutlery. CHOOSE partners that support our sustainability goals.
  7. RECYCLABLE MEAL BOXES and CUTLERY in Summer Camp 2022.

Visit the Office of Sustainability-Public Affairs:

  1. Sustainable Events Guidelines, and
  2. Sustainable Event Checklist,

that can be found on the Blackboard at ACG Policies and Procedures/Office of Public Affairs.

Focus on the following key actions on events:

Waste Reduction

  • Order recycling and composting bins.
  • If not ordering bins through a vendor, collect recyclable items (clear bags) separately from compostable items (light green bags) to bring to the closest waste receptacle.
  • Promote recycling and composting at the event through clear signage and announcements.
  • Place bins in high-traffic areas throughout the entire tailgate.
  • Request attendees bring their reusable water bottles to fill at one of many water filling stations in the stadium and around the athletic facilities.
  • Find out more about recycling at:

Communications + Outreach

  • When sharing event details, promote recycling and composting at the event through clear announcements to attendees.

Food Choices and Catering

If using a Caterer

  • Request only certified compostable plates, cups, and cutlery.
  • Choose a catering group that supports our sustainability goals (uses compostable serving dishes, offers a range of vegetarian choices, etc.)

If NOT using a Caterer

  • Prior to event, request attendees bring their own reusable water bottles, cutlery, cups, and plates to reduce waste.
  • If not reusable, plan to use only certified compostable plates, cups, and cutlery.
  • Purchase food and snack items in bulk to reduce packaging.


  • Save time and money on parking by using alternative transportation; See public transportation schedules at