Graduate Certificate in Psychology


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A Graduate Certificate carries full academic credit and will help you develop your academic and career competency in specific subject areas.


The Graduate Certificate in Psychology is an intensive 19-week program that serves as a solid basis and a conversion course for further advanced study in psychology. It is appropriate for people who hold a first degree in a field other than psychology, giving them the opportunity to obtain the necessary theoretical and practical foundations for a future career in psychology. Upon successful completion and an interview, graduates are eligible for direct entry into the MS in Counseling & Psychotherapy.

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Blended Learning

The Graduate Certificate in Psychology program uses an innovative learning format through the use of technologically advanced tools to maximize efficacy during the learning process. The Blended Learning format is a program that combines face-to-face classroom methods with online activities, using the delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media (online classes, assignments, etc.)

The blended format is highly convenient for professional students because it limits the number of times you must commute to campus. This format also has learning advantages: During the online weeks everyone “gets a front row seat” as everyone actively contributes to, and benefits from, online conversations about the course material. The online learning activities will challenge you to think more deeply about what you are learning while allowing considerable flexibility about when, where and how you do this.

Attendance during online weeks is defined as active and timely engagement with online weekly activities. Each online week has two deadlines: one in the middle of the week, typically for posting your ideas; and one at the end of the week, typically for responding to colleagues. However, you can set the daily and weekly work schedule that suits you best.

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Program Structure

To be awarded the Graduate Certificate in Psychology, candidates must successfully complete 4 courses, representing a total of 192 taught hours (16 US credits or UK 80 credits) as described below. The modules are assessed through examinations and projects.

Module I: Fundamentals of Psychology Science (4 credits)
Module II: Human Development & Personality Theories (4 credits)
Module III: Psychopathology (4 credits)
Module IV: Research Methods in Psychology (4 credits)

Flexible Study & Course Duration

The program may be completed in 19 weeks (full-time) or over 10 months (part-time). Classes run one or two evenings every second week, depending on full-time or part-time study from 17:30 – 21:45. In addition, participants are required to attend four workshops related to each of the modules (Saturdays, 09:00-18:00).

Courses are offered in a blended format, an innovative method that combines in-class meetings with online activities and classes. Therefore, the students’ presence on campus is not required for eight of the nineteen meetings, making attendance convenient for working professionals or students residing outside Athens.


Tuition for 2019-2020 is 3,000€.

Graduates of the program who are subsequently admitted to the MS in Counseling & Psychotherapy are entitled to receive a full refund that will take the form of a tuition discount in the master’s program. Graduates of the program who are subsequently admitted to the MA in Applied Educational Psychology are entitled to receive a 50% refund that will take the form of a tuition discount in the master’s program.

Admission to the Program

Admission to the program requires that students have obtained a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling, and can demonstrate evidence of proficiency in English.

New students are admitted at the start of the fall and spring terms.


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