Remos Armaos


BA, University of Patras; MS, PhD in Education, University of Manchester, UK

Dr. Armaos is an educational researcher specialized in research on the implementation of ICT in education, Head of KETHEA’s Staff Education Division. His Master was on educational research (MSc) while his PhD was on learning and teaching with computers in the University of Manchester, UK. Since 2002, he works with KETHEA engaged initially with the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of European research and training programs in health and educational support for drug offenders, harm reduction projects as well as in projects networking drug services and researching on employability issues for drug addicts. His current position focuses on designing, developing and evaluating education and training programs for professionals within the field of drug addictions, networking with academic institutions on aspects of drug education, research evidence and evaluation. Since 2006, he teaches at the Hellenic Open University on adult education methodologies.