Fall Intensive 2023

Keep moving towards the future by starting your studies at Deree today!

Be #Futureproof

Courses start: October 23

Fall Intensive 2023

Starting October 23, we are introducing fast-track courses designed to provide new students with a strong foundation, enabling them to enter the spring semester fully prepared. These daily attendance courses are available to all program participants and are aimed at ensuring that students can effectively grasp the essential material from the first semester, setting them up for a smooth transition into the upcoming semester.




cutting-edge graduate programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of today's job market


programs in partnership with Clarkson University


current sub-specializations to enhance your degree (minors)

The School of Business and Economics, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and School of Fine and Performing Arts offer a wide range of programs that cater to the diverse interests of today's students who seek, through their studies, to open the doors to their future and become futureproof!

Study in an international learning environment

Establish links with the job market

Explore scholarship opportunities: €6.7 million for 2023-24

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Fall Intensive 2023 at Deree: #Futureproof studies for those who want to follow their dreams


If you would like to learn more about Fall Intensive 2023, please contact a Deree admissions counselor.

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