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202326Jan17:0020:00Lessons learned from the energy crisis and the way forward17:00 - 20:00

Event Details

When: Thursday, January 26, 2023 | 17:00-20:00

Where: ACG Events Hall, The American College of Greece

Organized by: ACG Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping and Transportation (CoELST) & the Greek Energy Forum (GEF)

by January 24

Parking upon availability.


About the event

Learn about our plans to collaborate toward expanding and disseminating the energy state of the art, perform research, publish articles and reports as well as train the current and future professionals. After the event, a prestigious group of high-level international energy executives and regulators will participate in an exciting panel discussion titled “Lessons learned from the energy crisis and the way forward”.



16:30 – 17:00 | Registration and coffee

17:00 – 17:20 | Welcome speeches

  • Panos Vlachopoulos – ACG Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Alexandros Lagakos – Co-Founder Greek Energy Forum, COO of Blue Grid
  • Alexandra Sdoukou – Secretary General for Energy & Mineral Resources, Ministry for the Environment and Energy

17:20 – 17:45 | The ACG-GEF cooperation

  • George Kokosalakis – Executive Director, ACG Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping, and Transportation
  • Michalis Mathioulakis – GEF Academic Director, Energy Strategy Analyst

17:45 – 19:30 | Panel discussion: Lessons learned from the energy crisis and the way forward

  • Nikos Tsafos – Chief energy adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece, Pierce Alumnus 1999
  • David Livingston – Senior Advisor, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate
  • Athanasios Dagoumas – President at Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE)
  • Rikard Scoufias – Chairman, Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company S.A. (HEREMA)
  • Yanos Michopoulos – Corporate Governance and ESG – Institute of Directors
  • Stella Zacharia – TERNA ENERGY, Head of Energy Assessment, Policy & Regulation / CEO, OPTIMUS ENERGY

19:30 – 19:50 | Q&A Session 

19:50 – 20:00 | Closing remarks

  • Panagiotis Mavroeidis Kamperis, GEF Management Committee and Short Term LNG Trader at Qatar Gas
  • Vassilis Mitrelis –  Credit Risk Manager, Informa (Lloyds Intelligence List), GEF Member, Deree Alumnus 2017

20:00 – 21:00 | Open discussion & networking

  • Light buffet will be offered

The zoom link to join online the event is

Meeting ID: 977 1822 1383

202218NovAll Day19Climathon Agia Paraskevi 2022(All Day)


Event Details

Friday, November 18, 2022 (12:00-22:00) &
Saturday, November 19, 2022 (09:00-15:00)

ACG Events Hall (Agia Paraskevi Campus, 6 Gravias Str.)

Co-organized by
The American College of Greece
Municipality of Agia Paraskevi
EIT Climate-KIC Greece Hub

in collaboration with
Center of Excellence in Sustainability, The American College of Greece
Office of Public Affairs, The American College of Greece


About the event

Climathon is a 24-hour ideathon that aims to engage and raise awareness among citizens on issues related to the climate crisis and change, that the local community is facing. One of the main objectives, among others, is to identify sustainable and innovative solutions with a positive climate impact.

Climathon is one of the EIT Climate-KIC (Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community) initiatives, which is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The aim of the Climathon is to strengthen the initiatives of municipalities and citizens to deal with climate change. To date, Climathon has managed to unite 200 major cities, in 65 countries and 6 continents, supporting innovative actions in the context of the urban environment and hosting over 9,000 participants! In Greece, the Climathon has been organized in 14 cities (Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Thebes, Corfu, Heraklion, and Mytilene).

At the heart of the initiative are the Climathon organizers in each city, who support and promote the action around the world. Municipalities, businesses, schools and universities, experts and non-experts, young people, and parents are invited to join this journey of co-creating new solutions.

The Climathon in Agia Paraskevi is organized by Τhe American College of Greece, the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi, the ATHENA RC, which runs the EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece in collaboration with the Center of Excellence in Sustainability, The American College of Greece and the Office of Public Affairs, The American College of Greece.

Today, more than ever, we need innovative climate ideas and action in pursuit of zero carbon emissions on a global scale. Therefore, we aspire to contribute to finding effective solutions to the real climate challenges.

See Climathon agenda here

See the Challenge here

See the speakers, mentors, jury here

Event is open to the public.

Please bring your own laptop!

Registration is mandatory.

Under the Auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy 






With the participation of the LIFE IP AdaptInGr






Akis Petretzikis

Bake House

Georgas Family

Georgios Gallifianakis

Communication Sponsor 

GR Traveller

Παρασκευή, 18 Νοεμβρίου, 2022 (12:00-22:00) &
Σάββατο, 19 Νοεμβρίου, 2022 (09:00-15:00)

ACG Events Hall (Γραβιάς 6, Αγία Παρασκευή)

Αμερικανικό Κολλέγιο Eλλάδος
Δήμος Αγίας Παρασκευής
EIT Climate-KIC Greece Hub

σε συνεργασία με τα
Κέντρο Αριστείας για τη Bιωσιμότητα, Αμερικανικό Κολλέγιο Ελλάδος
Γραφείο Public Affairs, Aμερικανικό Κολλέγιο Ελλάδος


Σχετικά με την εκδήλωση

Το Climathon είναι ένα 24ωρο ideathon που επιδιώκει να προσελκύσει και να ευαισθητοποιήσει τους πολίτες σε θέματα που αντιμετωπίζει η τοπική κοινότητα και αφορούν την κλιματική κρίση και αλλαγή. Ένας από τους βασικούς στόχους, μεταξύ άλλων, είναι να εντοπίσει βιώσιμες και καινοτόμες λύσεις με θετικό αντίκτυπο για το κλίμα.

Το Climathon αποτελεί μία από τις πρωτοβουλίες του ΕΙΤ Climate-KIC (Κοινότητα Γνώσης και Καινοτομίας για το κλίμα), η οποία υποστηρίζεται από το Ευρωπαϊκό Ινστιτούτο Καινοτομίας και Τεχνολογίας (ΕΙΤ). Επιδίωξη του Climathon είναι η ενίσχυση των ενεργειών των δήμων και των πολιτών για την αντιμετώπιση της κλιματικής αλλαγής. Μέχρι σήμερα, το Climathon έχει καταφέρει να ενώσει 200 μεγάλες πόλεις, σε 65 χώρες και στις 6 ηπείρους, υποστηρίζοντας καινοτόμες δράσεις στο πλαίσιο του αστικού περιβάλλοντος και φιλοξενώντας πάνω από 9.000 συμμετέχοντες! Στην Ελλάδα το Climathon έχει διοργανωθεί σε 14 πόλεις (Αθήνα, Πειραιάς, Θεσσαλονίκη, Λάρισα, Θήβα, Κέρκυρα, Ηράκλειο  και Μυτιλήνη).

Στην καρδιά της πρωτοβουλίας βρίσκονται οι διοργανωτές του Climathon σε κάθε πόλη, οι οποίοι υποστηρίζουν και προωθούν το κίνημα σε όλο τον κόσμο. Δήμοι, επιχειρήσεις, σχολεία και πανεπιστήμια, ειδικοί και μη, νέοι και γονείς καλούνται να συμμετάσχουν σε αυτό το ταξίδι συνδημιουργίας νέων λύσεων.

Το Climathon στην Αγία Παρασκευή θα πραγματοποιηθεί στις 18 και 19 Νοεμβρίου 2022 στο Αμερικανικό Κολλέγιο Eλλάδος από το Αμερικανικό Κολλέγιο Ελλάδος, τον Δήμο Αγίας Παρασκευής και το ΕΚ ΑΘΗΝΑ, που διευθύνει το EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece σε συνεργασία με το Κέντρο Αριστείας για τη Bιωσιμότητα, Αμερικανικό Κολλέγιο Ελλάδος, Γραφείο Public Affairs, Aμερικανικό Κολλέγιο Ελλάδος.

Σήμερα, περισσότερο από ποτέ, χρειαζόμαστε καινοτόμες ιδέες και δράσεις για το κλίμα επιδιώκοντας μηδενικές εκπομπές άνθρακα σε παγκόσμια κλίμακα. Ως εκ τούτου, φιλοδοξούμε να συνεισφέρουμε στην εξεύρεση αποτελεσματικών λύσεων για τις πραγματικές κλιματικές προκλήσεις.

Δείτε εδώ την Ατζέντα

Δείτε εδώ την Πρόκληση

Δείτε εδώ τους ομιλητές, μέντορες και κριτές

Η εκδήλωση είναι ανοικτή για το κοινό.

Παρακαλείστε να έχετε μαζί το προσωπικό σας υπολογιστή.

Η εγγραφή είναι υποχρεωτική.


202230SepAll Day09DecCorporate Sustainability and Responsibility School September – December 2022(All Day)

CSR School

Event Details

Friday, 30 September – Friday, 9 December 2022 | Webinars every Friday (11:30-15:30 CET)

Organized by:

CSR Hellas
University of Crete
Executive Development, Alba Graduate Business School – The American College of Greece

Supported by:

ACG Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES)
Office of Public Affairs, The American College of Greece

Under the Auspices:

Ministry of Development & Investments, Hellenic Republic
Ministry of Finance, Hellenic Republic
European Parliament, Office in Greece


About CSR School

The CSR-School provides advanced training regarding the identification of sustainability-related business opportunities and the inclusion of responsibility in the core of one’s business strategy, in order to achieve sustainable value and formulate a more resilient organization.

The training program is envisioned as a journey that will cover all major identified areas that relate to the responsible management of sustainability. From September to December 2022, during which a minimum of 40 hours of sustainability-related knowledge and management experience will be shared, trainees will gain an up-to-date overview of major developments around the largest environmental, social and governance challenges affecting businesses nowadays.

During the 10-part Webinar series, the participants will watch lectures by distinguished academic faculty members, discuss relevant case studies, learn about best practices that have been implemented by experienced senior professionals and exchange views and thoughts around the incorporation of relevant theory into the CSR initiatives of their own organization.

The first School took place in September 2019 at the premises of The American College of Greece, while the second  and third ones in 2020 and 2021 respectively were entirely digital due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The program is addressed to professionals and practitioners interested in gaining in-depth perspective and knowledge on corporate sustainability and responsibility as well as undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students.

The program will provide in-depth knowledge, as participants will receive a holistic training on CSR, in 10 thematic areas, and will combine theoretical knowledge provided by distinguished academics, practical examples by business practitioners from CSR Hellas members, and interactive dialogues among the practitioners and the tutors.

The thematic areas are the following:

  • Sustainable Value Creation
  • Sustainable Corporate Governance & Legal aspects of CSR
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Responsible Human Capital Management
  • Management of Social Capital Management
  • Climate Change and Environmental Management
  • Sustainable Finance & Responsible Investments
  • Responsibility and Sustainability driven Marketing
  • Stakeholders management & Materiality Analysis
  • Sustainable Reporting & Disclosures


For more information and to register, please visit the CSR School official website or contact us at [email protected].

202219Sep15:0017:00CSR-School 2022 Kick-Off Event15:00 - 17:00

Event Details

Monday, 19 September 2022 | 15:00-17:00 (Greek time)

The American College of Greece (ACG Events Hall)

Organized by:

CSR Hellas
University of Crete
Executive Development, Alba Graduate Business School – The American College of Greece

Supported by:

ACG Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES)
Office of Public Affairs, The American College of Greece

Under the Auspices:

Ministry of Development & Investments, Hellenic Republic
Ministry of Finance, Hellenic Republic
European Parliament, Office in Greece


About the event

What does education – formal and informal – have to offer with regard to sustainability? How do the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) bridge academia and business in pursuit of a common future? What new skills are needed in the new sustainability landscape as it is taking shape? What do policies on a corporate and state level reflect regarding our progress so far in terms of sustainable development?

This CSR event will bring together representatives of the Greek state, expert professionals from the corporate world, and distinguished academics from both public and private universities for a high-level exchange of ideas based on their shared faith in the value of “Education for Sustainability.”

This event will also be an opportunity to celebrate CSR HELLAS’ major educational initiatives, that is:

  • The CSR School, the Executive Education Program on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, offers advanced theoretical and practical training on the major thematic areas surrounding CSR today. The training program will be officially “kicked-off” at this event, as it begins just over 10 days later on 30 September, for its 4th implementation (Registrations are still open).
  • The “Nikos Analytis” Student Contest on CSR, which brings together teams of students to study, analyze, argue and come up with concrete proposals regarding one or more of the SDGs. The topic of this year was “The Social Impact of Climate Change”, and the event will signal the completion of this 7th cycle of the contest with the award ceremony for the 3 highest-scoring teams.

For anyone who would like to view the event online, please click here.

202207Jun09:3014:30Sustainability: The Future is Now09:30 - 14:30

Event Details


A fashion show “Greece: A Circular Fashion Future” by Deree students will follow.

When: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 | 09:30-14:30
ACG Events Hall & ACG Library Front Patio

Organized by: The American College of Greece & Chatzigakis Foundation

In collaboration with: Office of Public Affairs, ACG & Office of Advancement, ACG

Under the the auspices of: Ministry of Environment & Energy

Supported by:
Center of Excellence in Sustainability, ACG
ACG Sustainability Leaders
Deree Fashion Club

This is a hybrid event.
Free participation and open to the public.

You can watch the event online here.


About the event

In celebration of the World Environment Day, let’s discuss sustainable development, circularity, and zero waste fashion, aiming to sensitize, raise awareness and promote best practices on these matters. This event is organized by the American College of Greece and Chatzigakis Foundation, collaborating with the Office of Public Affairs and the Office of Advancement, supported also by the Center of Excellence in Sustainability, the ACG Sustainability Leaders and the Deree Fashion Club. The forum is directly co-related with the overall sustainability efforts of ACG and will welcome a variety of guest speakers who will engage in panel discussions with the audience. Since fashion plays a major role in the global economy, with annual revenues totaling over $1 trillion, representatives from the Hellenic fashion industry will address the audience and explain how they incorporate sustainable practices into their operations, as this sector is also one of the most resource-intensive in the world. This highly interactive initiative will be concluded with a fashion show, powered by Deree students in the models’ role.



09:30 – 10:00 | Registration Eventora – Welcome coffee

10:00 – 10:20 | Opening Remarks

10:20 – 11:20 | Panel A – Sustainability: A Spherical Discussion

11:20 – 12:20 | Panel B – Circular Economy & Turning “Circular”

12:20 – 12:50 | Coffee Break

12:50 – 13:50 | Panel C – Zero Waste in the Fashion Industry

14:00 – 14:30 | Fashion Show – Greece: A Circular Fashion Future


Meet the Speakers

Bios of the Speakers

Venediktos AdipasAdipas Venediktos
Creative Director, Maison Faliakos

Venediktos Adipas started his artistic journey from his early childhood. Until the age of 18, he had created murals, paintings and thousands of hours inside artist studios. After studying fashion in Athens he explored designer studios as Junior designer and Royal Academie of Arts in Antwerp. Today is the creative mind of Maison Faliakos.



Stella ApostolakiApostolaki Stella
Executive Director of the Centre of Excellence in Sustainability at the American College of Greece (ACG), Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Environmental Studies Program, ACG

Stella Apostolaki, is Executive Director of the Centre of Excellence in Sustainability at the American College of Greece (ACG), Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Environmental Studies Program, Department of Science and Mathematics, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She teaches environmental science courses in the Environmental Studies, in the Biomedical Sciences and in the International Honours programs.

She has a wide research experience, she is expert evaluator of Calls for Proposals for European Commission, has worked as a researcher in collaboration with universities and authorities in Greece and in the U.K., and has participated in numerous EU funded projects. Her main research interests include: integrated water and storm water management, sustainable development and innovation, climate change, conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem restoration, public education, green urban planning with emphasis on amenity and biodiversity and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



Rania AssariotakiAssariotaki Rania
Senior Manager for Sustainability, Office of Public Affairs,  The American College of Greece

Rania Assariotaki joined The American College of Greece in 2008. She currently holds the position of Senior Manager for Sustainability, Office Public Affairs. She has previously occupied the position of the first Sustainability Manager at ACG. Before joining ACG, she has served in the field of customer service. She holds an MSc in Marketing from ALBA at The American College of Greece. Since December 2020, serves as an ex-officio member in the Academic Advisory Board of the ACG Center of Excellence in Sustainability. Under her coordination, in 2020, ACG was awarded the STARS Gold rating by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Since September 2020 she participates as a mentor for sustainability issues in the mentorship program of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). Starting January 2022, she serves as an elected member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Board of Directors. The purpose of the Board is to advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the general promotion of AASHE. In February 2021, she was appointed by AASHE to serve as a member of the AASHE Advisory Council for her constant commitment and support to promoting sustainability best practices and culture on and off campus. The Advisory Council is an advisory body whose input often has a significant impact on staff and board decisions of AASHE. In February 2020 became a member of the Corporate Responsibility Committee of the American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. In 2015 she was certified as a GRI G4 reporter and in July 2016 received her certification as a Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner approved by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). Also, she has received certifications in: Carbon Reduction Strategy, Sustainability Reporting, Social Impact Assessment & SROI.  In August 2019, she was certified as a Sustainability Management professional and on High Impact Leadership from the Institute for Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge.



Yiorgos AthanasopoulosAthanasopoulos Yiorgos
Journalist, founder of 

Born in Athens, studied journalism and worked for many daily and weekly newspapers. For the last 14 years I, am an editor for the Sunday newspaper “Realnews”. Since 2019 I have founded the only digital magazine in Greece devoted to men’s classic style.



Elisabeth ChatzigakisChatzigakis Elisabeth S.
General Secretary & Communications Advisor, Chatzigakis Foundation

Elisabeth S. Chatzigakis has demonstrated a history of contributing from a wide range of positions in the fields of Communication, PR and Marketing in Greece and abroad. In recent years, Elisabeth serves as the board’s General Secretary and as Communications Advisor in Chatzigakis Foundation. In her role, she is focusing on running cultural and humanitarian programs all over Greece, with emphasis on education and children, combining her skills in team management, project coordination, fundraising, special events planning and social media management.

Her devotion to social causes and community service derived from her volunteering years, an integral part in her adolescent and early adult life, where her active support extended towards a plethora of NGOs such as Alma Zois, Friends of Merimna, Estia, Kea-Hara, Mater Filia. She spearheaded her very first fundraising campaign at age 17, raising substantial funding and material support to ameliorate the lives of immigrant single mothers and children of NGO Mater Filia.

In 2017, she received the highest distinction for a college graduate, the College Life Leadership Award, presented to her by President David G. Horner of Deree – The American College of Greece. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons in Communication) focused in Communication and PR, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Deree – the American College of Greece. In 2012, she graduated from Moraitis School and she received the Community Service Award, a recognition of her valuable contribution to the community via her efforts with NGO Mater Filia.



Emma EfmorfidiEfmorfidi Emma
EF93 Founder

Emma is a true citizen of the world. Growing up in a bicultural home opened her world from a young age to the importance of diversity, language, and cross-cultural competency. Before the age of 18 she and her family lived in various countries in Europe which only sparked her interest to explore the world around her, learn different languages, and integrate with local cultures. Her experiences taught her a lot, but two themes that have become her values are sustainability and inclusivity. Emma’s love for the world and the people in it meshed with her passion for fashion inspired her to create the sustainable sandal company, EF93. The company was founded during the lock-down of 2021 when the need to take care of our planet became ever more prominent. EF93’s sandals celebrate the repurposing of materials to reduce waste and rethink green fashion. The EF93 workshop in Likovrisi, Athens is more than a production house and showroom, it is a space that continues to teach and learn about sustainability, diversity, and manual creation.



John IliopoulosIliopoulos John
CEO and Co-founder, We4all

John Iliopoulos is the CEO and Co-founder of the non profit Environmental Organization We4all. His educational background is in business administration and marketing. His career as an entrepreneur and business strategist took a sudden turn after the destructive events of Mati in 2018, when he decided to become the change that he wanted to see in the world and founded We4all along with Antonis Bogdanos. Since that time his sole focus and vision is the realization of the We4all Mission: “To help Earth heal and to remind people this planet is our home”.



Stylianee ParaschaParascha Stylianee
President of Fashion Revolution Luxembourg

Stylianee Parascha is the President of Fashion Revolution Luxembourg and a Sustainable Fashion and Communications Consultant. She has conducted research on how fashion is interrelated to pressing social issues as well as on how Immigration and Fashion are interconnected and can benefit from each other. She has been animating Upcycling workshops, organising slow fashion events, and preaching a sustainable and fashionable lifestyle in Luxembourg and beyond. She holds an MSc in Cultural Management and an MA in Sustainability in Fashion and the Creative Industries. She is experimenting with conscious design concepts through her brand What.Eve.Wears and promotes fashion Made in Greece on every occasion.



Sotiris PastrasPastras Sotiris
Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Manager of APIVITA

Sotiris Pastras is the Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Manager of APIVITA since 2016. Throughout these years he has delivered two Corporate Sustainability Reports (GRI Standards), the B Corp Certification, the BREEAM In-Use building sustainability assessment, the ECOVADIS sustainability rating certification and the “Save the Bees”, APIVITA’s Global Environmental Responsibility Program.

He was born in Volos, Greece. He studied at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens graduating from the Communication & Mass Media Department. He also completed his Master of Science degree in Human Recourses Management (Athens University of Economics and Business) emphasizing in Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility.

As a swimmer and member of the Greek National Team, he participated in two Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008). He founded the swimming team “Pastra Cretonaxiosa” the first Greek team ever to cross the English Channel (2016). He is also founding member and general secretary of the NGO “ExcellenSeas” which supports students from Greek borderline islands to their academic studies.



Christos PetridisPetridis Christos
Chief Creative Office, Maison Faliakos

Christos Petridis studied fashion design and at the age of 23 became the right-hand man of legendary fashion designer Costis Faliakos. He immediately stands out for his sharp technique in Haute Couture and his eye for detail. In 2003, he takes the reins of Maison Faliakos after the death of Costis Faliakos and within 12 years under his management, the House introduces for the first time Pret-a-Porter collections and high-end Bridal services. Today, he continues his creative journey in the role of Chief Creative Officer together with Creative Director Venediktos Adipas.



Garyfalia PitsakisPitsaki Garyfalia P.
Co-founder, 3QUARTERS

Garyfalia is an Architect, involved in architectural and art projects that reshape the understanding of the urban living and space. In her design projects she explores the link moment between architectural design, technology and crafting in a bottom-up urban engagement. After living and working for several years in the Netherlands, she brings back to Athens the dutch creativity and optimism of startups. In 2015 she founded together with her brother John, photographer and web-designer, the upcycled luxurious accessories brand, 3QUARTERS. A brother and sister duet with a common love for design, sustainability and handcrafts, we promote local, engaging and ethically sourced and made design.



Alvertos RevachRevach Alvertos
Founder & Investments Director, Humble Holdings (Luxembourg).

Born in Athens, Greece, Alvertos Revach attended the Moraitis School and then went on to receive a BA degree in Marketing and International Business from Georgetown University, in Washington DC. Between 1997 and 2015 he co-directed his family business, Amvyx S.A., the largest independent alcoholic beverages distribution company in Greece. In 2016, Amvyx moved to non-family, professional management, and Alvertos moved to Luxembourg to pursue something closer to his heart, Impact Investing, where profit, people and planet are balanced in the investment decisions. He founded Humble Holdings and Humble Investments, two investment vehicles which invest in ideas and companies that are “Good for You, Good for People and Good for the Planet”, aiming to make the world a better place, for all, human and animal, through his investment strategy.



Stavros TsompanidisTsompanidis Stavros
Founder & Managing Partner – PHEE

Stavros Tsompanidis is a Forbes 30 U 30 Europe 2018 serial entrepreneur. By the age of 22,parallel with his studies in the University of Piraeus, he founded two companies and organized prestigious events (Pioneers Athens) and start-up competitions (StartupBus, CruiseINN) in an effort to engage his peers in entrepreneurship. A speech in a TED Conference six years back created the spark for Stavros to conceive PHEE . Ever since, he committed to dispose of Posidonia Oceanica in the market, and not in landfills using a circular approach!

Inspired by the nature and abundance of wasted seagrass along the Greek coastline he founded PHEE with a clear vision; to give a second life to natural resources that until today had been considered as waste by creating unique sustainable biocomposite materials.

Stavros believes in the values of the circular economy and his main goal is to solve big problems, create impact and bring new innovations to the market! That’s why he works on building strong long lasting partnerships with businesses with similar values and vision both domestically and abroad.



Argini ValliValli Argini
Hair Cluster Marketing Manager Balkans, AVEDA

Argini Valli (Deree, 2008) holds two Bachelor’s degrees on Integrated Marketing Communication as well as on Food Technology. During her tenure she was awarded with the President’s Award for being involved in multiple clubs and societies including Student Government (Secretary), Deree College Ambassadors (Chairperson of Operations and Finance), Yearbook Team, Marketing Society, Orientation Leaders and SERF Team. To this day, Argini, is still an active member of the ACG alumni Association and has acted as Secretary General and Social Media Coordinator (2013-2017). She has a 10 year experience in the FMGC industry, specializing in the luxury beauty category. For the last 5 years Argini leads Aveda’s marketing team an Estée Lauder Companies brand, having contributed in establishing it in the Greek market. Aveda, is a high-performance, vegan hair care brand with a mission to care for the world all with sustainability at heart since its launch in 1978.



Giannis VikasVikas Giannis
Researcher – Expert in the field of Sustainability and Social Economy / Course Instructor at Deree – The American College of Greece

Dr. Vikas is a part-time faculty member at Deree-ACG since 2021, teaching the courses Social Economy and Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Finance and Investing. He has a long professional experience in various research and consulting projects and has collaborated with organizations as the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education and the Development Agency of Athens. He is the Chief Editor at the Social Economy Journal of the Greek Institute of Cooperative Studies. His research interests include sustainability, entrepreneurship and social economy and his work has been published in international peer reviewed journals and conferences



Hara XirouXirou Hara
Head of South East Europe Office – Eunomia

Hara Xirou, a native Greek speaker, is the Head of South-East Europe Office, based in Athens with over 15 years of experience in the resource efficiency and waste management sector. Hara joined Eunomia in July 2014 and has recently been leading projects and providing technical expertise on: ‘Circular Economy potential in Greece’ for SEPAN (ΣΕΠΑΝ) in 2020, ‘Developing Guidelines for UNEP/MAP on Phasing Out Single-use Plastics in the Mediterranean’ for SCP/RAC (June 2020 – March 2021), providing ‘Technical support for the development of EPR on textiles and mattresses in Greece’ for GIZ/MoEE (Nov 2020 – Feb 2021) and ‘Development of Waste Composition Analysis Protocol for Greece’ for GIZ/MoEE (Nov 2020 – January 2021) as well as participating as a technical expert in GIZ/YΠΕΝ – ‘Market of Alternative Fuels in Greece’ and for the European Commission (DG ENV) -‘Towards an EU Product Policy Framework supportive of Circular Economy’ in 2018-2019.  Through this latter study, our project team, led by Hara, supported the upcoming Commission Communication on Circular Economy to understand what policies it might put in place to stimulate circular economy growth around product groups identified as having high untapped circular potential. The product groups, for which greater circularity promises environmental, economic and social gains, are: energy related products, construction products, chemicals, textiles, furniture, transport/automotive products and toys.

Prior to this, Hara was assigned a country analyst for Greece and Cyprus under the ‘Early Warning System’ project (2017 – 2018). Hara was part of the project team in the ‘Waste Assessment in the South East of Europe: assessing the Solid Waste Management situation and providing recommendations and roadmaps for 8 Member States’.  In 2016 – 2017 she completed a scoping Study on “Processes Relevant to the Implementation of the OSPAR and HELCOM Regional Action Plans on Marine Litter”.  She had previously worked with Tetra Pak International in Brussels on the coordination and monitoring of EU environmental policy activities in the packaging sector. She has also worked as a project manager at ACR+ (Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Management) in Brussels and as an environmental senior consultant for 5 years at LRS Consultancy in London, managing 5 members of staff. Between 2010 and 2012, Hara participated in the development of a European Horizon 2020 programme ‘Tackling Marine litter in Europe’.  Hara holds an MSc on Environmental Science and Technology from Imperial College and is a LEAD Fellow of the LEAD International Network.


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202224May09:3014:00BiG FOCUS EVENT09:30 - 14:00

Event Details

Students & Maritime leaders showcase best practices for the conservation of the marine environment

When: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 | 09:30-14:00
ACG Events Hall

Powered by:
Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping & Transportation, ACG
Center of Excellence in Sustainability, ACG
Office of Public Affairs, ACG


About the event

This event is in the context of the BiG Focus initiative launched in March 2022. Deree students under the supervision of their professors have been working on identifying current challenges, trends as well as best practices on issues like shipping 4.0 environmental implications, air pollution in ports, decarbonization of the shipping industry, seawater pollution, oil spills with emphasis on prevention and restoration as well as biodiversity and marine ecosystems conservation.

On May 24, the students will present their work and will discuss the findings with shipowners and maritime executives. This project aims at bringing students to the forefront of global developments and in direct liaison with the maritime community, with the common goal to enhance marine environment protection through sustainable development. As a responsible academic institution educating the “leaders of tomorrow”, The American College of Greece is very interested in further enhancing the public dialogue and awareness on a topic of both local and global concern.

The conference will be free and open to the public and aims to be an action-oriented event. Parallel activities will include a digital display of posters prepared by Deree students in thematic areas presented at the conference.



09:30 – 10:00 | Registration – Welcome coffee

10:00 – 10:30 | OPENING SESSION  

  • Jay Sammons, Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Officer, The American College of Greece
  • Semiramis Paliou, HELMEPA Chairperson

10:30 – 11:00 | Keynote speech by Dr. Ioannis Kapsomenakis, Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology, Academy of Athens – Climate Change

11:00 – 12:10 | THEMATIC PANEL – Shipping
Moderator: Dr. George Kokosalakis, Exec. Director, Center of Excellence in Logistics, Shipping & Transportation – ACG

  • Presentation of Thematic Areas (Part I)ACG students
  • Panel Discussion HELMEPA Members – Q&A

12:10 – 12:40 | Lunch break   

12:40 – 13:50 | THEMATIC PANEL – Marine Environment Protection
Moderator: Dr. Stella Apostolaki, Εxec. Director, Center of Excellence in Sustainability – ACG

  • Presentation of Thematic Areas (Part lI)ACG students
  • Panel Discussion HELMEPA Members – Q&A

13:50 – 14:00 | CLOSING SESSION

  • ACG – Briefing and Thanks
  • HELMEPA – Thanks and Announcement of the upcoming events


Conference Moderator, Ms Evdokia Gerasimou, HELMEPA

  • Parallel activities: Digital display of posters in thematic areas

202207Apr14:0015:10Volunteerism: the trigger for a better world. A presentation by Médecins du Monde Greece.14:00 - 15:10

Event Details

Dr Chara Tziouvara
President, Médecins du Monde Greece

Ms Angeliki Mavrikou (D’91)
Volunteers and Fundraising Dpt., Médecins du Monde Greece

When: Thursday, April 7, 2022 | 14:00-15:10 (activity hour)
6th Level Auditorium, Deree-The American College of Greece

Organized by: International Honors Society, Deree-ACG
Supported by: Office of Public Affairs, The American College of Greece

The event is free and open to ACG Students, Faculty & Staff


About the event

Have you ever wondered what it means to be an active volunteer, going beyond fundraising and attending charity events? Dr Chara Tziouvara and Ms Angeliki Mavrikou will be reflecting on their life course as volunteers and presenting their work with the Greek chapter of Médecins du Monde.

For more information, please contact College Events-Office of Public Affairs, [email protected].

Because ACG Cares!

202221Mar(Mar 21)12:0030(Mar 30)16:00ACG stands by the people of Ukraine12:00 - 16:00 (30)

Event Details

by collecting pharmaceutical products & medical supplies

When: From Monday, March 21 until Wednesday, March 30, 2022
There will be two collection points during the hours 12:00 – 16:00
Aghia Paraskevi campus: Deree main corridor

Alba campus: Alba lobby


Dear members of the ACG Community,

Staying true to its motto “to serve and not to be served”, The American College of Greece joins forces with the NGO “Doctors of the World” to offer humanitarian aid to Ukraine. “Doctors of the World” have been active in the wider area since the 1990s and know the local community’s needs. Their current call for support is mainly for the people of Mariupol, a city with a very large Greek community.

You are kindly encouraged to contribute to this initiative by offering any quantity of the items listed below. All items collected will be delivered by the “Doctors of the World” to the people in Ukraine during an upcoming mission to the area.

The items needed are:

  • Sterile Gauze and Gloves
  • Alcohol Solution
  • Saline
  • Serums
  • Painkillers
  • Liquid medicines for children (Children’s syrups)
  • Antitussive
  • Insulin Syringes 5ml & 10ml
  • Nebulizing Masks
  • Baby Diapers No. 3, 4 or 5

The items to be received must have a minimum of six (6) months of use before expiring.

A small monetary donation of a maximum of 5 euros is also welcomed.

For more info or to deliver goods at a different time during working hours, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at: [email protected] or +30 210 600 9800 ext 1107, 1509.

Because ACG Cares!