Deree Classes Scholarship

Deree Class Scholarships

Leave Your Class legacy!

Since Maria West founded The American College of Greece 146 years ago in Smyrna, our core mission remains unchanged. Now it’s more important than ever: To contribute to the advancement of Greece and the global community through teaching, scholarship, outreach, and service rooted in the American educational tradition. ACG’s identity and legacy are intricately connected to its commitment to provide talented but economically disadvantaged students a quality education through scholarship assistance.

As a non-profit institution, the scholarships and the high-quality education The American College of Greece provides, would not have been possible without the generous donations from alumni, parents, friends, foundations, and companies that support the school’s mission. ACG encompasses three educational divisions: Pierce, Deree, and Alba, with over 5,700 students from Greece and over 72 countries. Almost half of the students receive some need and/or merit-based financial assistance. ΑCG has over 62,000 Alumni around the globe who constitute our best Ambassadors.


Why should you support the Class Scholarships program?

Even the smallest donation can make a difference when it’s part of a collective effort! With your support, in the spirit of “Non Ministrari – Sed Ministrare,” our school will be able to continue offering life-changing opportunities for the next generations.

You can connect to your alma mater by leaving your legacy with the establishment of scholarships for academically promising students with financial difficulties.

One of our top priorities is helping you establish personally meaningful scholarships that have an impact on the issues that you care about. Through the program, you can choose to partner with other like-minded Deree Alumni to formulate a scholarship based on your graduating Class or any other Team interest area (i.e. club, society, major, minor,  and other interests, etc.). You can also join forces with more than one graduating classes to increase impact!

Your gift at any level is very important – there is no such thing as a small amount when it comes to benefitting students’ lives and education!
Donors will be recognized in print and digital ACG media and some cases on the ACG Campus.

How to support

If you want to support your class/team effort with a donation, follow the links below by selecting Deree Class Scholarships & then your graduation year(s) or your team’s area of interest. Your gift at any level is significant – there is no such thing as a small amount when it comes to benefitting students’ lives and education!

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You can find more information on the program here.