Deree Classes Scholarship

Deree Class Scholarships

Class Scholarships Program: Create opportunities for a brighter future

What is the Class Scholarships Program?

The Class Scholarships Program is a chance to join forces with your classmates for a worthy cause. You can team up with your class, as a leader or a team member, to raise funds for the establishment of a scholarship that will give a lifetime opportunity to academically promising students facing financial challenges.

Remember: No matter how small, every donation counts and collectively can make a huge difference!

How does the Class Scholarships Program work?

Your class team can tailor its support by choosing the type of named scholarship to champion, as per below options:

1st option: Fully (100%) or Partially funded scholarships

2nd option: Beneficiaries: Entering students, continuing Deree Students

Classes that donate will be recognized in print and digital ACG media and, in some cases, within the ACG premises.

Donor’s recognition


How to participate:

Supporting the Class Scholarship fund is simple, fast and rewarding! You can either proceed by making an individual donation or become a leader for your class, engage them and make a greater impact, together. You can see if there is already a Scholarship in progress, by visiting the donation form, selecting Deree Class Scholarships and then your graduation year or your team’s area of interest.

Read the brochure for more detailed information.

Why are you invited to participate to the “Class Scholarship” Program?

Since Maria West founded The American College of Greece in 1875 in Smyrna, our core mission remains steadfast: We aim to empower Greece and the global community through teaching, scholarship, outreach, and service deeply rooted in the American educational tradition. Our alumni play an instrumental role to supporting the vision and the mission of the school leading by example and bringing forward our school’s moto “Non-Ministrari sed Ministrare”.