New Student Orientation

Welcome to Deree!

We are very excited to meet you and look forward to helping you get the most out of your college experience.  Below is a guide to help you prepare for Orientation and get you ready for your first couple of days as a college student!

Spring Orientation 2020

New Student Orientation for Greek Students
Friday, January 10

New Student Orientation for Study Abroad Students
Friday, January 10

New Student Orientation for International Students
Friday, January 10

Before New Student Orientation

  • Go ahead and “like” the Deree Facebook Page and the Student Affairs Facebook page to get a better idea of what happens on and off campus throughout the year.
  • Check out the list of student groups – clubs, organizations and societies – on our website to get an idea about all the groups available on campus.  (You will be able to find out more about all these groups on Orientation Day at the Activities Fair).
  • Get ready to use the gym and pool: visit your pathologist or cardiologist and get a signed verification stating that you are fit to participate in athletic activities without restrictions – you will need this to use the gym and join sports teams. To use the swimming pool you will have to get a note from your dermatologist, too.

On New Student Orientation Day

  • If you’ve gotten your temporary Student ID from Admissions, bring it with you; if you haven’t, make sure you get it from your Orientation Leader on Orientation Day.
  • Arrive on-time and register with the Orientation Leaders (look for the red t-shirts)! They’re students just like you, who will guide you through your first days on campus and share tips and tricks that can get you well under way!
  • Attend all Orientation Day sessions to gain an overview of services provided and opportunities offered at Deree! If you have questions, just ask your Orientation Leaders.
  • Sign up for a group session with the Office of Student Affairs to talk about how you can get involved in student life. The Office of Student Affairs is located in the Main Corridor across from the Dining Hall.
  • Visit the Activities Fair and meet fellow students representing clubs, organizations and societies. Find out just how easy it is to get involved in College life and make sure you sign up to get more information on their activities and meeting times.
  • Pay close attention during your Orientation Day campus tour. The Deree Ambassadors (look for the blue t-shirts!) will show you parts of the campus you haven’t seen before, but will be visiting every day from now on

During Your First Week of Classes

  • To access all digital information related to Deree, such as your course schedule and registration, notes and assignments from classes, the library network as well as the computers at the Computer Labs, you will have to get your credentials from the Student Success Centre (SSC) in the Main Corridor. You will receive access codes for:
    • The MyACG portal
    • Your Computer labs/Blackboard accounts
    • Your ACG email account
  • To activate your account you need to use a computer on campus, either at the SSC, the Library or the Computer Labs. Once you’ve activated your credentials, you will be able to access them anywhere on campus and even from home!
  • After activating your accounts, visit the Office of Career Services in the Student Life Center, sign up for the Career Portal and schedule a session with them to start building your resume – it’s never too early to jumpstart your career! If you have not chosen a major or minor, make sure you take the SIGI test, too.
  • Get your picture taken at the Computer Labs in the Arts Center. After you get it taken, it’s roughly three weeks until your laminated ID card is ready!
  • If you are interested in Sport Activities, head over to the Office of Athletics to get your temporary ID approved so you can start as soon as possible! You’ll need to submit the pathologist’s or a cardiologist’s signed verification you obtained before coming to campus.
  • Want to see the world and not miss out on your studies? Visit the Office of Student Affairs and learn more about making a plan to study abroad.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Affairs at 210 600 9800, ext. 1446, 1448 or email us at [email protected].