Writing Program


The Writing Program at Deree – The American College of Greece supports the educational mission of the College by

  • providing high quality instruction in academic writing and thinking while preparing students for the challenges of the Open University validated courses in their major;
  • equipping students with the necessary critical thinking and communication skills so that they can succeed beyond college as flexible, thoughtful and confident writers;
  • challenging students with reading and writing assignments that expose them to a variety of texts, writing and research activities, and disciplinary discourses;
  • offering a well-researched curriculum that responds to the unique and diverse needs of the ACG’s student population and making use of educational technology as well as academic support services;
  • providing small, student-centered classes led by dedicated, professionally trained instructors.

Writing Program Courses

The Writing Program includes three levels of full-time courses on academic writing. Each writing course has a thematic focus used simply as a vehicle to structure thinking and writing. All courses are offered for three (3) graduation credits.

  • WP 1010 – Introduction to Academic Writing (3 hours instruction/week)
    This course introduces novice academic writers to the reading and writing skills central to academic discourse. They engage critically with contemporary issues through college-level readings of appropriate length for developing academic writers. They practice analytical reading skills, objectively presenting the arguments of others, and critically responding to texts with their own arguments.
  • WP 1111 Integrated Academic Writing & Ethics (3 hours instruction/week)
    This course will help students practice and expand the academic writing skills acquired in WP 1010. Students will continue to develop rhetorical knowledge and critical thinking skills through exposure to lectures and readings on ethical issues co-taught by faculty from the Philosophy program. A variety of texts such as fiction, non-fiction, visual, and web-based will hone the student’s reading, writing, rhetorical, analytical and synthesizing skills as applied to frequent informal writing exercises in addition to formal revised writing assignments. Sections may vary in theme.
  • WP 1212 – Academic Writing and Research (3 hours instruction/week)
    This course offers students the opportunity to consolidate and apply the core academic writing skills acquired in WP1010 and WP1111 in a new context: academic research writing. As the final course in the Writing Program series, this course prepares them for the discipline-based writing in their major. Students are introduced to the kinds of specialized writing encountered in different academic disciplines and learn the standards, genres and conventions of academic writing and research by discussing and employing them.

Writing Program Placement

Incoming students are placed in WP1010 if they demonstrate proficiency in English. Applicants, who do not qualify for WP 1010 but who otherwise show academic promise, may be placed in the English for Academic Purposes Program.

Writing Program Contact Information

Tel.: +30 210 600 9800 ext. 1462
E-mail: [email protected]