Student Affairs

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Who We Are

The Student Affairs team at DEREE is an enthusiastic group of individuals dedicated to providing programs and resources that educate students beyond the classroom, broadening their horizons, enabling them to think critically and creatively, and develop their confidence so as to set and attain high goals.

We aim to enhance student life on campus so that DEREE students' college experience incorporates life skills that lead to lives of purpose, allowing them to become integral and significant members of society as ACG alumni!

What We Believe

Student Affairs supports the ACG mission and vision while inspiring, motivating and educating students, enriching their learning experience and helping shape their success so they may become intentional learners, educated decision-makers, and critical thinkers, able to add value to society as members of a global community.

Our Core Values

  • To put students first
  • To support the ACG mission
  • To enhance and complement student learning and development
  • To uphold the acceptance of diversity, respect, and tolerance of differences
  • To be advocates for our students
  • To educate our students outside the classroom
  • To develop a sense of community and well being

What We Do

Student Affairs aims to:

  • Provide services that promote the well being of students
  • Nurture the holistic welfare of students through their individual development – socially, educationally, psychologically, spiritually and physically
  • Serve as advocates to our students, ensuring student interests are served in policy determination, planning, facilities development, and delivery of programs and services
  • Develop community life through programs and activities that encourage a strong sense of community among students, faculty and staff; by involving students in institutional governance and identifying opportunities for service to the community; by providing programs that reflect purpose and balance between individual freedom and responsibility, respect for the inherent dignity of all human beings, a tolerance and appreciation for individual differences, a sense of responsibility toward others and responsible risk-taking
  • Promote knowledge about students, their characteristics and those internal and external factors that affect their growth and success
  • Provide programs and instruction in a variety of settings and groups designed to enhance academic success, promote personal development, increase and protect a sense of community and provide experiences that can assist students in cultivating the skills necessary to live productively in a complex global society
  • Sensitively manage crises in times of personal or community turmoil by providing assistance that includes medical, psychiatric and psychological support services and facilitating the work of other care-givers