Boroume at the Farmers’ Market

Join the ACG Community in the Boroume at the Farmers’ Market program

An initiative proudly supported by ACG!

  • Are you a part of the ACG Community (student/faculty/staff)?
  • Do you have a passion for community-based volunteer work?
  • Are you interested in making a positive impact by reducing food waste while supporting those in need?

If so, we’re looking for YOU! Join us in making a difference!

Be a part of the Boroume at the Farmers’ Market program and contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate community!

About the program:

Since November 2018, ACG, through the Office of Sustainability – Public Affairs, has partnered with the NGO Boroume (“We Can”) to contribute in reducing the food waste generated at the farmers’ markets by participating in the collection and donation of the markets’ unsold fresh produce, which otherwise would have been wasted, to local charities. 

What started as a single market collaboration has expanded to three markets: two on Mondays (Gerakas/Cholargos) and one on Fridays (Aghia Paraskevi), providing more volunteer opportunities for our community.

How it Works:

The team sets out from the designated meeting point at the College using transportation provided by ACG. Upon arrival at a designated supermarket store, the team of volunteers acquire carts from the supermarket to aid in transporting the collected produce. Subsequently, at the end of the farmers’ market working day, the team of volunteers collects the produce that the sellers will not be selling in the coming days, generously donated by the market vendors. The gathered food items are then transferred by the volunteers to the representatives of the charity organizations, who collect the food on site, guaranteeing that the food reaches individuals in need.

Further down the page, you have the opportunity to register for your preferred farmers’ market action and select your preferred date(s). As the date you’ve registered for approaches, you can expect to receive an email containing directions and two essential forms that require completion and signature.

For students, all the hours dedicated to volunteering will be documented in your co-curricular transcript, a valuable record that will be available upon your graduation.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Cholargos Market (Mondays):
  • 4-6 volunteers needed
  • Meet at 14:20 outside the Deree Admissions Office
  • Return to campus around 16:15 – 16:30
  • Supports “The Association for the Protection of Children and Individuals with Disabilities” at Cholargos.
  1. Gerakas Market (Mondays):
  • 2 volunteers needed
  • Meet at 13:10 at the Main Gate
  • Return to campus around 14:30
  • Supports the special needs center ‘Hara’ (“Joy”) at Pallini.
  1. Aghia Paraskevi Market (Fridays):


Transportation to and from the markets is provided by ACG, ensuring a convenient and seamless volunteering experience.

Our impact is significant

Since November 2018 until the close of 2023, we have successfully collected over 25,000 kg of fruits and vegetables, equivalent to around 70,000 meals! This accomplishment is a result of the dedicated efforts of members within the ACG Community, who have contributed more than 1,500 volunteer hours towards this initiative.

Special thanks to Florentia Dimitropoulou, a Graphic Design student at Deree, who designed the logo and infographic of the Farmer’s Market initiative, as part of the Graphic Design II course during Fall 2023.

Register NOW and let’s volunteer together!

This initiative will run until the end of June 2024. Dates of midterm & final exams, as well as national holiday are excluded.
Please read the information about processing of personal data here.
Please read the Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form here.

Boroume is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce food waste and food insecurity in Greece. Boroume’s mission aligns perfectly with the ACG sustainability efforts in terms of social responsibility and community engagement.

Individual Volunteer Actions

If you wish to volunteer but cannot participate in the Boroume at the Farmers’ Market actions on Mondays or Fridays, kindly click here. Before engaging in the program, it is crucial to thoroughly read the Volunteers’ Guide provided by Boroume concerning the Farmers’ Market actions and complete the necessary forms.