Applicant Grievance Procedure

A. Purpose

The purpose of the Applicant Grievance Procedure is to provide an open and fair process for both applicants and the admissions staff. It is an opportunity for applicants to raise matters of concern and for the College to resolve timely and effectively complaints about the admissions process.

B. General Principles

  • Any individual who has submitted an application for undergraduate or graduate studies may invoke the Applicant Grievance Procedure, which sets out how they may raise a complaint about the admission process.
  • ACG ensures that all grievances are handled promptly, with fairness and consistency. ACG does not discriminate against any applicant who makes a complaint. All grievances are dealt with confidentially.
  • Every effort is made to resolve an applicant’s grievance amicably and to the satisfaction of all concerned without the necessity of a formal complaint. Applicants whose grievances cannot be resolved informally or who wish to appeal an admissions decision should follow the procedure for a formal complaint or appeal.

C. Procedure for formal complaint / appeal

  • All grievances must be addressed on an individual basis to the respective Dean of Admissions (contact details can be located here).
  • All grievances must be submitted in writing, clearly stating the applicant’s complaint, and supported by specific facts. In addition, the applicant’s full name and contact information should be included.
  • An applicant can submit a grievance within ten (10) working days of the action causing concern.
  • The Dean acknowledges receipt of the complaint and then investigates the complaint with relevant staff and /or a third party, if deemed necessary. The Dean provides a final response within fourteen (14) working days.
  • In case the applicant is dissatisfied with the Dean’s decision and wishes to pursue the matter further, he/she can submit a formal appeal to the respective Vice President.
  • The Vice President’s decision following completion of such process is considered final.