Deree Student Association

Through hard work and dedication, the Deree Student Association aims to empower the voice of students and actively promote a vibrant campus community at Deree – The American College of Greece. Acting as liaison between the undergraduate student body and the administration, faculty and staff of Deree-ACG, the Deree Student Association strives to provide responsible leadership and fair, democratic representation of the students in an official capacity, while promoting equality and unity among the student body.

Click here to read the Student Association Constitution and Bylaws.

Executive Board

The elected members of the Executive Board for 2017-18 are:

Alexandros Al-Akaila, President
Ariadne Koutitsa, Vice-President
Lydia Lagiakou, Secretary
Chrissanthi Vlahou, Academic Affairs Representative

To contact the Executive Board, email them at [email protected], or stop by their offices located in the Main Corridor across from the Student Lounge.

Council of Representatives

Each major will have one representative elected within their major, by their peers. In addition, there will be three first year representatives appointed by the Vice President and approved by a two-thirds vote of the Council of Representatives every year in the month of September. These students will represent both first year students and students who are undecided at the beginning of the academic year.

Five Standing Committees have been composed in order to facilitate and ensure that all issues in each division/department are addressed by the appropriate committee:

Standing Committee for Community Involvement
Standing Committee for Public Relations
Standing Committee for Athletics
Standing Committee for Internal Affairs
Standing Committee for Social Affairs


It’s Your Chance to Make a Change!

To run for the 2018-19 Deree Student Association, click here to complete the online declaration of candidacy form.

-Who can vote?

All undergraduate students.

-When do elections take place?

You can vote throughout the whole week between Monday, February 6 and Friday, February 10.

-How can I vote?

Just logon to blackboard and follow the prompt for Student Association elections!

-How can I get involved?

Either by declaring candidacy for a position in the Student Government or the Council of Representatives or, alternatively, by becoming a member of the Electoral Committee. Click here to declare your interest in any of these positions.

-Who can be a candidate?

All students with a C.I. above 2.5/4.0.
Please submit the online form to declare candidacy until January 26, 2018.

-How can I decide who to vote for?

Following the deadline for declaration of candidacy (January 26, 2018), candidates will campaign and be given opportunities to support their platforms.

-What is the Electoral Committee’s role?

The Electoral Committee is responsible for raising awareness about DSA Elections, informing students about candidates’ profiles and platforms, and answering questions to facilitate voting.

-Who can be a member of the Electoral Committee?

Any undergraduate student in good academic standing, who is not a candidate for the DSA Elections.

-How do I benefit from being a member of the Electoral Committee?

I gain first-hand experience in event organization, interact and network with fellow students, and exercise presentation skills.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Matilda Chatzipanagiotou, PhD, Dean of Students
Upcoming activities: TBA