Specialty Labs

A specialty networking lab is dedicated to networking training for ACG students. Today, IP networks are mainly used for data communications and Internet access.   Over the next five years, the College will transition the IP networks to additionally carry other more stringent applications such as telephony, and IP TV.

Room Booking: Specialty lab bookings for courses are made through the IRM Office in advance of every semester/session. Occasional bookings can be done via the IRM helpdesk office. All computer classrooms have projection equipment installed, consisting of either a data projector, or an overhead projector and a display panel.

CN Building – Room 1114

PCs B/W Printers Video Projector
15 1 Available

Other Lab Equipment

# Equipment
1 CISCO 1841
2 CISCO 1841-HSEC/K9
9 CISCO WS-C2960-24TT-L
2 CISCO 2901/K9
4 CISCO 2901-SEC/K9