Staff Directory

Priskomatis, Theodore – Executive Director of Athleticsext. 1351, [email protected]

Askepidou, Vasia – Manager of Administrative Servicesext. 1319, [email protected]

Axarli, Alexandra – Administrative Assistant, Customer Serviceext. 1157, [email protected]

Karpouzi, Olympia – Specialist, Athletic Facilities – East Campus[email protected]

Katsafadou, Andromachi – Manager, Fitness Centerext. 1171, [email protected]

Koutras, Christos – Director of Recreation and Intramural Programsext. 1365, [email protected]

Liossis, Loudovikos-Dimitrios – Manager, Fitness Center & Sports Performanceext. 1171, [email protected]

Margaritis, Costas – Manager of Aquaticsext. 1496,  [email protected]

Markonis, Konstantinos – Assistant Director, Intercollegiate Athleticsext. 1323, [email protected]

Myroti, Ourania – Manager of Administrative Servicesext. 1353, [email protected]

Tasakos, Nicholas – Manager, Programs and Athletic Facilities-East Campusext. 4495, [email protected]

Vallas, George – Manager, Programs and Athletic Facilitiesext. 1495/1158, [email protected]

The Office of Athletics is located on the upper level of the Deree Gym.