sas pedag

Students come to SASS to advance their competence in various academic skills, including: critical reading and writing, research and information literacy, appropriate use of sources, oral and presentation competencies, as well as other quantitative and qualitative skills. SASS learning facilitators encourage students to view each session as part of a dynamic learning process which continues throughout their studies at the College.

A student’s individual learning goals and objectives constitute the starting point of each session. The sessions are informal, non-evaluative but rigorous attempts to address the skill-based needs of individual students. No comment, oral or written, is made on the quality of the student’s work, on the assignment, or on the instructor’s method of grading.

Learning facilitators help students to identify their needs and the methods appropriate to address them. The primary task of learning facilitators is to help students further develop the skills required for success in academic settings.

Sessions are not a substitute for in-class teaching or teacher-student conferencing. Rather, SASS sessions support the work done in class and in the teacher’s office hours so as to reinforce the concepts of academic literacy taught in all disciplines.

In an effort to enhance academic literacy, SASS also offers study-skills sessions and workshops.