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Deree Course Textbook Lists

Deree students will find the required course textbook list on the College website in advance of each semester/session. This practice makes the book acquisition process more efficient and less expensive for students. Moreover, we are continually expanding e-learning resources in order to give all students access to academic, professional, and non-fiction e-books.

If the required text is not available in electronic format, students are free to choose how they will purchase their hard copy textbooks and are expected to acquire them prior to the start of classes. To avoid delays with some on-line providers, it is recommended that you place your order a minimum of 21 days in advance.

Buy your books online!

Deree students may also find and purchase their textbooks as follows:

Indicative list of on-line textbook providers: alibris.co.uk, www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.de, www.bookdepository.com