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Our email system provides the College with a reliable means of contacting students, faculty and staff and is invaluable for sharing important College-related information. Our official college email system is available to students for life. The system contains numerous strengths and benefits including:

  • Large 50 GB inbox, 25 MB attachments
  • Advanced spam and virus filtering
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Proven deliverability
  • Shared calendaring and document options
  • Forwarding, IMAP, POP3 and Outlook Connector for access on a mobile phone or desktop computers
  • Robust system used by over 1,000 colleges and universities in 86 countries

Help and assistance concerning activation and use of email is provided by the IT Helpdesk or the Student Success Center.

Users are strongly advised to take precautions to prevent the unauthorized use of email account passwords. Passwords are not to be shared with others and their confidentiality is to be strictly maintained. In choosing passwords, users should select codes that are difficult to guess and should change them on a regular basis. Users will be held accountable for all actions performed with their passwords, including those performed by other individuals as a result of user negligence in protecting passwords. Email passwords must chabge every 180 days. Note: Email administrators, college officials and other computer support staff will never ask you for your password.

For a detailed list of the policies that govern the use of ACG e-mail please make sure that you carefully read the IT Policies page.

Outlook on the Web

Outlook on the web is the new version of the Outlook Web App you may have previously used to access your email in your browser. If you already have a personal or account, you will recognise Outlook on the web as it has the same layout.

Outlook on the web is part of the Office 365 online suite of tools. You will still be able to view your email through Outlook on your desktop computer as normal, or use your own mail program if you prefer. Outlook on the web gives you the freedom of viewing your email online, which is especially useful when using a computer without Outlook installed, or using a mobile device.

How to use it

Simply log into Outlook on the Web by clicking Login link at the top right of the University web page. Then select the tile for My Email.

You can also go directly to

You can set up your email account through the built-in Mail app on your smart phone or tablet, or you can download a standalone Microsoft Outlook app to your device. Apps are available for Android, iOS, and of course Windows phones and tablets.

Additional user guides can be found here:

EMail How-to Guides

Collaboration Tools

ACG community members and their external colleagues can collaborate with confidence using a variety of tools in the ACG computer network.

  • Blogs – short for “web log” (electronic diary), meant to be shared with others; blogs can be set up to allow readers to add their comments.
  • Wikis – Web-based knowledge management site; group members can actually change each other’s content instead of being restricted to commenting on the published content.
  • Helpdesk – bug or issue tracking software, can also be used for project management.
  • Blackboard – ACG’s official course management and collaboration application.
  • Student portfolios – Service to be released soon.
  • WebEx and Blackboard Collaborate – Platforms that help you create virtual classrooms, offices and meeting spaces that open more possibilities to more students, wherever they are. Offering exciting new approaches to learning while involving each student on an individual level.