Media Centers

The Media Centers at The American College of Greece support the instruction and research needs of ACG’s faculty, students, staff and alumni by providing facilities, collections and expertise for researching, viewing and producing a wide range of media.

The Centers provides equipment and expertise for producing video for classroom and extracurricular projects. Digital cameras, camcorders and audio recorders are available for loan to support the academic community. Multimedia stations are available for editing audio and video, scanning and manipulating images, and creating presentations. Workshops (offered on demand during the term) provide instruction on multimedia hardware and software available in the Center.

The Center’s media collection comprises more than 1,000 DVDs and 1,500 videotapes, as well as audiotapes, CDs, and CD-ROMs on a wide variety of subjects.

The Media Center has equipment and support for digitizing and editing audio, video and images. This facility is also equipped to repair, duplicate, transfer, and convert the presentation of media materials into the most popular audio and video formats.

The Media Center serves several locations on all campuses, including Deree’s Main Building and the Communications Building.

Aghia Paraskevi Campus

Deree Media Center

John S. Bailey Library, Room 117

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

More information about the DEREE Media Center and its operation can be obtained by visiting the office or by calling ext. 1433, [email protected]

Communications Building Media Center

Room 1105

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 7:50 am to 3:50 pm
Evening support can be arranged by appointment

More information about the Communications Media Center and its operation can be obtained by visiting the office or by calling ext. 1447, [email protected]

What Equipment Can Be Borrowed for Classrooms and Special Events:

  • Video players (for DVD discs and VHS tapes)
  • Laptops
  • Projectors (Data or Slide)
  • Audio players for tapes and CDs.
  • Digital Photo and Video Cameras

Video Services/Equipment Available:

  • Audio Video stations for viewing DVDs, Videotapes or hearing CDs, from the Library collection. (DEREE Media Center)
  • Circulating camcorders, for use by faculty doing their own academic productions
  • Production of DVD-video from video recordings

AV Request Form

Request for Equipment and Operators
Requests for equipment for regularly scheduled classes or special events, should be submitted by filling the AV Request Form and sending it to the Media Center, at least 7 working days in advance, if not earlier.

We cannot guarantee that last-minute requests will be covered, so please plan ahead.