1. The oldest & largest US accredited college or university in Europe (show)

The College’s 147 year legacy of academic excellence and its location in Athens afford students the impressive and singular benefit of studying in a living laboratory that bridges the ancient and contemporary realities of Greece with NECHE accreditation. It grants degrees to Deree graduates with the credentials of other NECHE institutions, including Amherst, Brown, Boston College, MIT & Harvard. To learn more, click here.

The American College of Greece is also approved by The Open University (OU) as an appropriate organization to offer higher education programs leading to Open University validated awards, providing Deree students the best learning experience while granting graduates the strongest graduation credentials. Click here to learn more.

2. An international faculty of scholars & researchers (show)

The college boasts an international faculty of PhD and well-qualified adjunct instructors whose impressive research, scholarship and executive credentials collectively create a student-centered classroom and campus experience like no other in Southeast Europe.

3. Over 1,000 undergraduate courses offering 25 major degree programs (show)

The College offers a breadth and diversity of courses across the liberal arts, business and fine arts at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, granting students the ability to specialize in their chosen area of concentration while enjoying a low faculty-to-student ratio, experiential learning, internships and competitive group project experiences, as well as on-campus job recruiting. All these features make a significant difference in the amount of time faculty can mentor students and the two can generally work together while students prepare for post-graduate lives of meaning and service.

4. Artistic & cultural offerings on campus (show)

A commitment to enriching the classroom experience with a rich tradition of artistic expression in the fine and performing arts, further distinguishes the learning experience at The American College of Greece.

5. Spectacular Campus (show)

The Aghia Paraskevi campus, situated on the western slopes of Mt. Hymettus, some ten kilometers from the center of Athens, offers a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. Its original buildings were designed by the renowned Greek architect, Constantine Doxiades. Campus buildings rise along the hillside, with each building revealing a splendid view of Athens.

Campus features include:

  • Academic buildings with smart classrooms, computer and science laboratories, fine art studios and exhibition areas, the Pierce Theater and a black box theatre.
  • A spacious, modern library designed to hold 250,000 volumes.
  • Athletic facilities including a gymnasium, state-of-the-art fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, running track and soccer field.
  • The Student Success Center featuring a “one stop shop” for advising, registration, student affairs and cashier services.
  • The ACG Art Gallery and a large collection of outdoor statuary.
  • An open-air Greek theater with breathtaking views of Athens.
  • A student center with dining facilities – including Dipnosofistirion (a qualitative Greek dining chain that has also been certified as a ‘Gold Class’ organic kitchen) and Starbucks – as well as student organization offices.
  • A Byzantine chapel.
  • Wireless and wired internet access.
  • Click here to take a Virtual Tour of the campus.

6. Student Organizations (show)

A diverse group of student clubs, academic, cultural, athletic and artistic organizations aim to facilitate and improve the academic experience offered at College by linking students and faculty in on-campus activities, emersion trips and in the development of personal leadership, collaboration, planning and implementation that take the classroom out into the real world.

7. The City of Athens (show)

Athens is the city with the most celebrated history in the world, a city worshipped by the ancients and today, teeming with the energy and dynamism of a city and country in transition. This captivating capital of 4.5 million people is where democracy was born. Today, Athens is a sprawling, modern metropolis that blends the ancient with the modern. Whether you are drawn to explore the Acropolis and its world-class museum, browse book stalls in the Agora and city center markets, or jettison off to one of hundreds of fabled Greek islands from one of the city’s vibrant ports, Athens offers something for everyone.

Affordable and lively, Athens is a city of many facets, ideal for young people who would like to experience the broad range of activities that it has to offer. Visits to archaeological sites and beaches, and daytrips to nearby islands and quaint towns — you can do it all here! More than any other European capital, Athens is also famous for its nightlife, as well as its culinary and cultural programs. Join us and Learn Where Learning Began!

8. Alumni Network (show)

With over 62,000 alumni across the globe, graduates of The American College of Greece enter a prestigious, powerful and influential group of alumni working in business, culture, politics, the arts and sciences, philanthropy and education – both in Greece and around the world.

9. Diversity and Community (show)

Over 2,800 students from 67 countries make up the student population of The American College of Greece, making it among the most culturally diverse college campuses in the region. Lasting friendships, meaningful new perspectives and a culture of inclusiveness, open-mindedness and respect for freedom of expression in all its forms are the cornerstone of the College’s community ethos.

10. YOU! (show)

At the very heart of The American College of Greece are the talented and inventive students, faculty and administration that make the school what it is. What will YOU bring to ACG?