Squaring the Circle

Online Exhibition

The Visual Arts Program of the Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts of Deree – The American College of Greece, is pleased to present its Senior exhibition entitled “Squaring the Circle” featuring the capstone projects of 3 graduating students. Due to the global crisis, the exhibition will be held online this year as it did in 2020.

For the capstone project, students completing the Visual Arts program spend a full year to research and realize a project related to their specific interests as emerging visual artists. Graduating students Maria Eleni Allen, Marianna Natsi, and Francesca Stergiou began developing their senior work in the midst of the lockdown.  The students have met the unprecedented imposed requirement to exhibit online with resilience and grace, finding creative ways to honor their year’s worth of research while adapting their projects to conceptually reflect this particular format.

“Squaring the Circle” reflects the artists’ inquiries within conditions of extraordinary uncertainty and seemingly unsolvable problems. “Squaring the Circle” converses on how we come to apprehend the world as it has become; how we approach this ‘new now’ though our individual lens. These body of works, part of the exhibition serve as a reflection of the students’ inner struggles, fixations, urgent questions and desires. Their inquiries span from the exploration of the cycle of life to the investigation of one’s own roots. From their own predefined circle of extended families, to the intimate circles of relations they pursue themselves. The aforementioned problematizations of life and death, identity and memory, love and intimacy are expressed through different media such as animation, painting, and stencil installation.

The exhibition confronts the viewer with open-ended questions while the three artists circle their common thematic threads by confining their creative aspirations of all organic, natural and worldly matters within the square frame of the digital window.

* We hope you will also join us for an exhibition of their works in the ACG Art Gallery as soon as this becomes feasible. Stay tuned!