International Relations

International Relations

Acquire a multidimensional approach to global issues through a Minor in International Relations!

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Complement your studies and enrich your CV with a Minor in International Relations. Expand your knowledge by means of a strong theoretical background in international relations, enhance your critical analysis skills and have a competitive advantage through the multi-disciplinary nature of the courses taught.

What You Will Study

The Minor in International Relations complements your major studies by enhancing your critical analysis and interpretation skills. Select courses ranging from different theoretical approaches to international relations to discussion of foreign policy, geopolitics, and national or international security issues in contemporary global affairs. Depending on the courses you select you will be acquainted with a variety of theories in international relations and politics, develop strong cognitive and practical skills, and maximize your potential as a global citizen and professional.

Excellent to combine with any field of study, especially with history, economics, philosophy, communication, business, and information technology related fields. Whatever your major, the International Relations courses you select will offer diversity to your transcript and increase career opportunities in the future.

What You Will Study


Introduction to International Relations

Modern European History and Politics

+ two


International Relations

Global Markets and Politics

+ two of the following



European Foreign, Security and Defense Policies

Media and International Relations

Asia in World Affairs

Greece and the World

International Law

Terrorism and Political Violence

Senior Thesis in International Relations and European Affairs

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