BA (Hons) in Communication
Validated by The Open University, UK

Introduction to the Major in Communication

The Department of Communication comprises faculty members with a wide range of professional and academic experience and students with a wide range of backgrounds and a variety of media-related career interests. The department provides the best of an American liberal arts education in a context that challenges students from different backgrounds to assess and assimilate different cultural approaches to communication.

What You Will Study

The Communication program allows students to explore a range of media-related areas, providing them with a foundational understanding of the communication techniques that enable professionals in advertising, audio-visual communication, journalism, and public relations to communicate with a variety of audiences. Students also build a foundation in many of the theoretical approaches media practitioners and academics take to understanding media content and study the social and technological contexts in which people create and consume media.

Career/Graduate Study Opportunities

The structure and content of the Communication curriculum ensure that students receive both the applied skills and theoretical knowledge they need to pursue graduate studies or to embark on careers in media-related areas. Given the well-rounded education they receive, organizations avidly seek out our Communication students as interns. DEREE Communication graduates enjoy a solid reputation in the marketplace, do well in graduate studies at outstanding institutions in Europe and the U.S., and are a great source of pride to all who teach in the department.