Negotiations in Banking: Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

When: October 25 – November 20, 2023 | every Monday and Wednesday, 18:00-22:00

Where: Alba Graduate Business School
(6-8 Xenias Street, 115 28, Athens)

Language of Instruction: Greek

Audience: By registration only

Registration Deadline: October 24, 2023


Legal and operational framework of the Greek NPLs market. Servicers’ structure & incentives- Debtors’ options for amicable solutions through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Classification of non-performing loans. Loan agreements and types of amendments. Corporate and Retail loans. Law on Debt Settlement & “Second Chance” Provision. The New Insolvency Legislation. Presentation of the new bankruptcy law. The new-type risks for the State, the banks, and the borrowers. Legal developments regarding NPLs. The supreme Court decisions. E-Auctions. Operations of the Hellenic Financial stability fund (HFSF). NPLs secondary market. Legal regulation for NPL sales in Greece. Real estate owned (REO) assets. NPLs as a “driving force” for the Real Estate sector. Global experience and Greek practices. Insurance as a supporting tool. Benefits for Debtors and servicers. Insurance types in a crisis environment, protecting company’s assets. Investments and stock market -The day after.

Who is this for?

The course is designed for legal professionals, accountants, economists, negotiators, mediators, post graduate students, any professional involved in the banking & financial sector. The program does not assume any particular technical background.

Why attend?

The goal of the course is to provide a robust framework for understanding the function of the Greek NPLs market, to increase negotiation skills and options to achieve our-of-the court amicable solutions, to thoroughly examine the Greek legal framework and the operational structure of Greek Servicers companies regarding NPLs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Comprehend the Greek Non-performing loans environment.
  • Learn the legal and operational structure of Greek servicers in the banking sector.
  • Use all the mechanisms of the new Insolvency Law.
  • Understand the function of funds in Greece.
  • Manage financial loss and use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods to resolve issues regarding banking debt.

Dates & times

8 days (32 hours in total)

Time: 18:00-22:00

Wednesday, October 25
Monday, October 30
Wednesday, November 1
Monday, November 6
Wednesday, November 8
Monday, November 13
Wednesday, November 15
Monday, November 20

Course Curriculum

Module Leader – Tsormpatzoglou Stavros

The course consists of the following modules:

Module 1

A – Legal framework of the Greek NPLs market.  Loan agreements analysis. Types of amendments, waivers, and consents. (Instructor: Paraskevi Agalidou)

B – The New Insolvency Legislation L.4738/2020. Legal developments regarding NPLs. The supreme Court decisions. (Instructor: Charoula Apalagaki)

Module 2

Corporate NPLs Analysis. Legal & operational structure regarding corporate loans. Assessment of corporate borrowers or counterparties. Mechanisms to resolve and settle companies’ debt in order to maintain businesses. (Instructor: Konstantinos Pavlopoulos)

Module 3

Retail NPEs analysis and distressed loans Classification. Servicers’ legal & operational structure regarding Retail loans (mortgage and personal loans). Processes and methodologies for retails loans resolution aiming to assist private debtors. (Instructor: Thanasis Philippou)

Module 4

Resolving NPLs through ADR. The debtors side. Debtors’ amicable solutions, methodology and procedures. Crisis and financial loss management. (Instructor: Stavros Tsormpatzoglou)

Module 5

A – Insolvency Law 4738/2020. The new Out of Court Workout mechanism and the “Second Chance” Provision. Use of the relative State platform. (Instructor: Theoni Alampasi)

B – The Hellenic Asset Protection Scheme (renamed to “Hercules” scheme). Operations of the Hellenic Financial stability fund (HFSF) in order to facilitate the management of NPLs. NPLs secondary market. Legal regulation for NPL sales in Greece. (Instructor: Ilias Xirouhakis)

Module 6

A – Real estate owned (REO) assets. NPLs as a “driving force” for the Real Estate sector. Global experience and Greek practices. (Instructors: Konstantinos Dilaras / Panagiotis Mavraganis)

B – Investments and the stock market. Profiling investors with the MiFID II: current practice and future prospects. (Instructor: Eleftheria Achladianaki)

Module 7

A – Banking Law Reforms – the eAuctions case (Instructor: Dimitris Melidis)

B – Insurance as a supporting tool. Benefits for Debtors and servicers. Insurance types in a crisis environment, protecting company’s assets. (Instructor: Tassos Konstantelos)

C- Banking Mediation. (Instructor: Stavros Tsormpatzoglou)

Module 8

Simulation Case – Retail loan Negotiation 

Two Party Negotiation Simulation:
First Party: Servicer’s Officer & Lawyer
Second Party: Debtor & Lawyer
(Instructors: Thanasis Philippou / Stavros Tsormpatzoglou)

Certificate of Attendance

In order to be awarded the Certificate of Attendance from the Deree – School of Graduate and Professional Education, participants will need to attend at least 28 out of 32 hours.

Course fees

Regular single participant fee: €450

Members of the ACG Community, Professional Education past participants and the unemployed: €400


Association of Members of the Athens Exchanges (SMEXA)
Managing Director

Senior Management Executive with a multidimensional career path that combines experience in high-level roles as a member of the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board of organizations and corporations in Investment Banking and Capital Markets. Member of the AML Working Group of the Hellenic Ministry of Finance and Hellenic Capital Market Commission. Instructor of the Hellenic Bank Association in the areas of banking and regulatory compliance, corporate governance, anti-money laundering, investments and insurance products related to investments. In-depth knowledge of strategic issues of Listed Companies and start-ups, contributing to the formulation of their corporate strategy within an ever-changing regulatory environment and with a solutions-oriented approach to problem-solving. Extensive knowledge of corporate actions for funding and public offers. Eleftheria has over 20 years of experience in Investment & Private Banking, Asset Management and Capital Markets in Greece and EU.

Hellenic Financial Ombudsman (HFO)
Financial Ombudsman

Εxperienced attorney at law and legal manager. Familiar with the structure, procedures, business operations and requirements of large corporations and banking institutions. Providing sound legal support for the implementation of numerous legislative changes on the business function. Thorough knowledge of the requirements of the legal and regulatory framework on banking services, specialized in credit products and payment services. Wide experience in successful management of diverse groups of people due to interpersonal and coordination skills. Skilled negotiator, aiming to commonly acceptable, just and sustainable agreements between parties.

Ministry of Finance
Special Secretary for Private Debt Management

Theoni Alampasi is the Special Secretary for Private Debt Management (SSPDM) since January 2023. Until then, she was the Head of the Legal Department of the SSPDM since its establishment. She is a member of the BoD of the Deposit & Investment Guarantee Fund. In October 2022, she joined the “INSOL/World Bank Group Legislative & Regulatory Colloquium” Committee, global standards setter for the design and implementation of insolvency frameworks. Ms Alampasi has actively participated in drafting of legislation (L.4738/2020, Bridge Programs, L.4469/2017, L.3869/2010, etc.), as well as in law-making committees. She has a long-standing career in Public Administration holding positions of responsibility and positions as advisor and close associate to government officials, while she has prior experience to the private sector too.

Hellenic Bank Association (HBA)
Acting General Manager

Professor Charikleia Apalagaki, holds, since March 2017, the position of the Secretary General of the Hellenic Bank Association (as of now Acting General Manager). She is also full Professor in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 2004, and Member of the Thessaloniki Bar Association since 1984. Professor Apalagaki joined Piraeus Bank in 2001 and hold the following positions: Management Consultant in Legal Issues, Chief Legal Counsel, Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Audit Committee, Executive Member of the Board of Directors, and interim Chairperson. Specialized in enforcement law (and in insolvency proceedings) with extensive legislative drafting experience, as she was Member of two Ministry of Justice Committees on the modifications of the Code of Civil Procedure, voted into Law 4334/2015, and Rapporteur on the Ministry of Finance Committee on the introduction of the order of payment in Administrative Procedure.

Cepal Hellas
Director of Real Estate Division

With over 18 years of experience, Konstantinos leads Cepal’s real estate division with focus on portfolio performance, asset underwriting, commercialisation and asset management.

His previous experience includes Resolute Asset Management as a Director, responsible for business development, underwriting portfolios and REO management & monetisation.

Prior to Resolute, Konstantinos was an investment manager at Zeus Capital management private equity responsible for investments in CEE and SEE. Prior to ZEUS, he wad worked for PIMCO on the assessment of the Cyprus banking system, BNP Paribas Real Estate as head of international department and J&P Development as senior analyst for new and commercial development opportunities. He holds a MSc in Corporate Real Estate Finance & Strategy from CASS Business School and BSc in Business Administration from University of

Piraeus, is a Certified Surveyor from Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and lectured Property Development and Project Management at the Athens University of Economics an Business from 2007 to 2014.

Howden Hellas
Executive sales Manager, Financial Lines

Dynamic executive with over 20 years experience in the Greek corporate insurance market. He has worked with business from all sectors of the economy both private and public. He has provided through the years numerous tactical business solutions in order to meet contractual requirements. For the last three years he has worked in strong collaboration with banks servicing clients and providing consultation. He is an accredited insurance and reinsurance broker from Bank of Greece.

Cepal Hellas
Head of REO Asset Management

Panagiotis is leading Cepal’s Real Estate Owned (REO) Assets Department. His previous experience includes AREMI as Director of REO Asset Management and Commercialization since September 2018. In his previous position, he was actively involved in setting up the specific division, with responsibilities including recruitment, structuring of REO SLA’s, onboarding, technical maturity & legalizations and commercialization of assets. Panagiotis possesses extensive and diversified experience in the Greek Real Estate where he has held senior management positions during the past 24 years in organizations such as the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund, Eurobank Property Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

and Sonae-Charagionis. He is an Architect/MBA and a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) since 2009, where he also served as a Member of RICS

in Greece’s previous Board. Until 2016 he has been serving as a member of the Executive Committee of ULI Greece. He holds a post-graduate degree from the National Technical University of Athens, as well as an MBA from Nyenrode University (the Netherlands Business School).

University of Athens – Institutional Discourse Lab
Secretary General – Observatory of Institutions, Culture and Development – University of Athens

Dimitris is a leading Advisor regarding Justice Reforms matters. His previous experience includes being Legal Advisor to three Ministers of Justice, eJudicial Systems & Technoethics Program of University of Athens (NKUA-CCE) Scientific Advisor and Lecturer, eJustice Program of Panteion University Lecturer, Panteion University Mediation Centre National Coordinator, Athens Olympic Stadium vice President, Central Mediation Committee of the Greek Ministry of Justice founding member and Athens Centre for Entrepreneurship of Athens University of Economics and Business (ACEin-AUEB) legal advisor. He is a Lawyer, M.Sc. (AUEB), LL.B &Ph.D c. (Athens Law School, NKUA) currently serving as Secretary General of Observatory of Institutions, Culture and Development – University of Athens / School of Philosophy and President of the Justice & Tech Research Committee.

doValue Greece 
Corporate & SME Workout

Konstantinos Pavlopoulos has over 40 years of experience in the banking industry in Greece. He has worked in corporate business centers, at the Banks of Central Greece, Crete, Egnatia, Interbank and EUROBANK. He has also worked, for 14 years, in managerial positions, in the NPLs Department of EUROBANK. For the last 3 years, he has been working at doValue Greece, in a Managerial position, in the NPLs Corporate Sector.

UCI Hellas Loan Management Services
Operations Director

With more than 20 years of experience in the Greek Banking & Financial Services Industry, Thanasis Philippou is currently leading the Operations Direction of UCI Hellas LMS, managing all retail asset classes portfolios, responsible for both front and back-office operations. Thanasis has extended experience in retail assets management with specialization in residential secured portfolios. He is considered one of the pioneers in the Greek market in the application of amicable resolution practices through RE collaterals liquidation. Prior to his current assignment, Thanasis held the position of Finance Director at the mortgage lending Branch of UCI in Greece and before he served as Senior Banking Advisor at KPMG, providing advisory services to a number of Greek and International Banks and Financial Institutions. He is currently a member of the Financial & Tax Committee of the Hellenic Loan Servicers Association (ΕΕΔΑΔΠ) and Member of Economic Chamber of Greece.

Totsis Group
Head of Debt Restructuring Dpt.
Attorney-at-Law, LL.M. & Banking Mediator

Attorney at Law and Accredited Mediator with in-depth knowledge of dispute resolution techniques in domestic and cross-border commercial and civil law disputes. ADR Specialist. Former member of the Law Preparatory Committee for the reform of Law 3598/2010 regarding Mediation. Former member of the Central Mediation Committee of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice for the Supervision of Mediation Law 4512/2108, as well as of Mediation Law 4640/2019. Former member of the Committee for the Examination of Mediators, the Accreditation Committee of Mediation Training Bodies, and the Register Committee of Mediators. Former Director for Vocational Education and Training at Panteion University Mediation Center. Member of the Hellenic Financial Mediation Center. Member of the Hellenic Association of Civil Procedure.

Hellenic Financial Stability Fund
Chief Executive Officer

Ilias Ε. Xirouhakis has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector, in senior managerial positions of banks and other companies of the financial sector in Greece and abroad. Several of the companies he has worked for are Global Leaders in their areas of business activity. In 1990’s he held positions in Visa International (Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters-London UK) and Thomson Reuters (UK). In Greece he has successfully served in several senior managerial and C-suite positions in banks (National Bank of Greece, Marfin Egnatia / Marfin Popular Bank, Geniki bank, Interbank etc.) and other companies of the financial sector (Interamerican Cards, General Cards and Financial Services, Marfin Collections Services, Zeus Recovery Fund in Luxembourg, etc.)

For more information, please email [email protected] or call +30 210 600 9800 ext. 1532, 1332.

Classes start: October 25, 2023