Blue Sea Greece

Blue Sea Greece: Discover Greece’s underwater beauty

Did you know that 71% of the planet is covered in water and the oceans hold about 96.5% of Earth’s water? Ever wondered why Greece’s pristine waters are so famous? Interested in discovering more about the health of its plant and animal life, the fishing industry and the attraction it holds to Greeks and millions of international visitors?

Take a deep dive into Blue Sea Greece and find out!

Program and purpose

Blue Sea Greece is a collaboration between the ACG Center for Excellence in Sustainability and The Demos Center. It is a summer program focused on the biology and sustainability of the sea, combining a 4-credit (transferable) Environmental Studies course with outings for beach cleanups and exciting bonus dives.

The course aims to teach young people how to appreciate, respect and protect the Greek blue seas; generate interest in more Environmental Studies courses; encourage participants to become more involved in other environmental and sustainable practice activities sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Sustainability.

Who is Blue Sea Greece for

The program is ideal for

  • Current Deree students
  • Study abroad students interested in a summer course at Deree

A balanced curriculum

Students enrolled in the program will

  • Attend classroom lectures and discussions
  • Participate in various beach cleanups around Greece and the sea floor in manageable, more shallow waters. The program also offers bonus dives near Greece’s precious underwater archeological sites in order for participants to witness the effects of climate change on already protected environments.

Bonus dives are optional and diving courses, together with open water diving certification, are offered at Seals Scuba Diving Center at a discount, for those interested in participating. 


The Blue Sea Greece academic program will launch in June 2024 and will run during Summer I and also possibly Summer II (dates tbc).

Learn more

Interested in learning more about Blue Sea Greece?

Dr. Stella Apostolaki [email protected]
Dr. Mary Cardaras [email protected]
Christos Koutras [email protected]