Scuba Diving Classes


A scuba diver’s haven

Scuba diving is a fantastic way to satisfy multiple emotional, physical, and social needs all at once. From relieving stress to improving blood circulation, to sharpening our focus, scuba diving comes with a host of unparalleled benefits. 

What’s more, it allows you to travel to places you wouldn’t have thought possible. Greece, for example.

Boasting a total of 617 Blue Flag beaches and a 13,676-kilometer coastline, Greece, with its turquoise waters, varied sea life, ancient wrecks, coral reefs, and year-round sunshine, is an ideal scuba diving destination.

Learning to scuba dive will create an immediate environmentalist and conservationist in you. Let’s keep Greece’s waters pristine by training more people to dive, to enjoy, to appreciate and to protect the Greek blue seas.

Dive with the Seals!

Deree joins forces with Seals Scuba Diving Center, based in Piraeus, to offer you scuba diving lessons and a PADI open-water certification at a discount (tbc). Courses are offered 4 times a year.

Is scuba diving for you?

Scuba diving is for any member of the ACG community—students, faculty, and staff—wishing to discover the underwater world. Moreover, students can become avid divers and join the Deree Diving Club on campus!

Interested in learning more about scuba diving?

Dr. Stella Apostolaki [email protected]
Dr. Mary Cardaras [email protected]
Christos Koutras [email protected]