Events, Lectures & Workshops

The ACG Health & Wellness Center organizes wellness campaigns in the form of week-long events such the Mind, Body, Spirit Fest, and individual lectures and workshops on issues broad range of health and wellness issues. Some of the topics that are addressed are the following: stress management, relaxation techniques, spirituality, healthy food choices, responsible alcohol consumption, addictions, first aid seminars, body awareness, eating disorders, healthy relationships, exercise and alternative therapies. Workshops and lectures can also be developed on request.

Coexist with COVID – 19

Covid-19 has and will continue to impact our lives socially, psychologically and economically. We have to adopt a new lifestyle in which we learn to live, work, exercise, socialize and much more. This new lifestyle must be based on rationality, science, and risk assessment. It is crucial that we follow this in order to continue to live well. It may take at least one year for the vaccine to be fully developed, since we can’t eliminate corona, the only way is to be disciplined and coexist with it.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing information with you through online sessions, Know the Facts articles on the website and through Facebook (wellness@Deree) and Instagram (acgwellness)

Mind Body Spirit Fest

An annual event aimed at promoting the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Stress Release

Meditation sessions are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.  Each session may focus on learning techniques such as walking meditation, mindfulness, meditation at your desk and many others.

Meditation for Peace

Students were encouraged to participate and send energy of peace and love to the world.

Rise and Shine

A workshop at the Residence Buildings to introduce Study Abroad and International students to techniques on how to awaken the mind, body and spirit using Tai Chi and Pilates based movements, meditation, and outdoor mindfulness.  The session ended with a friendly discussion and a cup of spiced tea.

Laugh & Play

A workshop to introduce students to drama therapy and team work as a stress release method.

Nutrition & Cooking Demonstrations  

Workshops, displays and cooking demonstrations are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.

Seeking Simplicity

A discussion on how to move away from processed foods and take your diet back to basics.

Sunshine in a Jar/Yogurt Delight

A cooking demonstration on how to use whole fruits and minimal amount of sugar to create the perfect orange marmalade dessert. A cooking demonstration on simple ways to make yogurt more exciting.

Why Soup

Students learned the importance of incorporating healthy soups in their diet and the basic steps to prepare homemade soups.

The Art of Arabic Appetizers

Introduced students to Healthy Arabic food: Hummus, Fatoush, and Tabouleh.

The Art of Greek Mezedes

Directed towards the international students who spend the Summer Session at Deree, this session taught students how to make healthy Greek appetizers: Greek Salad, Dakos, and Tzatziki.


A workshop, as part of Sustainability Week, that discussed the amazing health benefits of sprouts and demonstrated how to sprout at home.


Various awareness events, workshops, poster displays are organized throughout the year addressing a wide range of health and wellness topics.

One-on-one Sessions for International Students on Grocery Shopping

Sessions to assist international students to adjust to their new environment by helping them continue their cultural eating habits through identifying and choosing food items such as Halal meat, dairy, food without alcohol available in the Greek market.

Orientation Session – Intro to Wellness

Session to introduce the new international and study abroad students to ACG Health & Wellness Center services and give a small hands on sample of stress release and mindfulness exercises.

No Makeup Day

An awareness event to draw attention to feeling comfortable with our own bodies and in believing in one self.  Health issues related to makeup were also explored.

Kravmaga Self-Defence Workshop

A workshop to empower vulnerable population (especially women) through the demonstration of easy to apply self-defense techniques.

Summer Fun

An informational display to raise awareness about sun safety, hot weather emergencies, allergies, jellyfish and bee stings.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A display to raise awareness on common STIs, the protection and prevention methods, high risk sexual behaviors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

Start Living Stop Smoking

An event to raise awareness on the detrimental effects of smoking through lectures, health tests and age simulator photo and to promote tobacco cessation by offering the opportunity to participate in a free, ongoing program facilitated by the Smoking Cessation Group of the Hellenic Thoracic Society and connected with the Excellence 2012 European Grant.

Gardening Without a Garden

A workshop on how to grow vegetables on your balcony.

Herbs & Spices

A workshop on how to use herbs & spices to improve your memory, boost your immune system and more.

Just Breath

A workshop on how to practice conscious breathing & simple relaxation techniques to destress you anywhere.

A Back Rub

A workshop how to give and receive a back and head massage.

Making Laundry Soap

A demonstration using 3 simple ingredients on how to create your own laundry soap and fabric softener.

Pranic Healing

A demonstration on using prana “energy” to self- heal and help others.

First Aid Seminars

A series of ongoing first aid seminars tailored to the needs of the College Community is offered throughout the year.

Power Pilates

Students, faculty and staff join the wellness coach twice a week in a 50 minute workout program that combines Pilates and Cardio.  Pilates is a core workout that strengthens muscles and improves posture, balance and flexibility while Cardio is a workout that conditions the cardiovascular system. These two types of exercise in combination work together to help achieve overall fitness and health.