ACG Peer Alumni Network

The ACG Peers Alumni Network is a network of people who have participated and served as ACG Peers for a Heritage Greece Program session. They are proud advocates for the College from a position of leadership and service. They foster the mission and the vision of Deree, introduce new ACG Peers to the Heritage Greece Program and community, and represent the College and the ACG Peers at official events promoting the Program. The ACG Peers Alumni network seeks to connect both past American participants and ACG Peer alumni across the years of the Heritage Greece Program. The database of the Network will offer both parties the opportunity to meet and connect whilst travelling, working or studying abroad. For more information about how to become an ACG Peer click here.

Advisor: Elina Krithari, Office of International Student Services
Regular Meeting Time: TBD
Upcoming Activities: ACG Peer Alumni Network Events, New ACG Peers Recruitment