Student Code of Conduct

Deree is your new home away from home.  It is a place where you will not only take classes leading towards a degree, but will also spend time outside of the classroom in seminars and workshops on topics related to your major and topics that help you expand your world view, gain new skills and maintain a healthy life; get involved in athletics on a team or just recreationally; you may choose to become involved in Deree Student Life and join a club or society or take part in community service through the Meaningful Engagement Program.

In our home away from home, we are all responsible for maintaining a safe environment. We also have rights and responsibilities and are expected to respect the rights and freedoms of others and to exhibit both inside and outside the classroom conduct becoming of a student in both manner and attitude.

The principles that govern student conduct are stated in the following three ACG policies:

To this end, the College has developed its own standards for student conduct as well as procedures for disciplinary action.

How can I learn more about these standards?

Become familiar with the Student Code of Conduct including the Student Honor Pledge, and Residence Rules and Regulations.

All ACG students are responsible for abiding by the Student Conduct Code

If you are residing in the ACG Residence Complex you are also responsible for abiding by the Residence Rules and Regulations

Reporting an Incident

How can I report an incident?

To report an incident to the Office of Student Affairs, Residential Services or the Office of International Student Services please complete the Incident Report Form.

To access this form you can also contact the Office of Student Affairs, Office of International Student Services or the Residence Complex Information desks or send an email to [email protected].

The Office of Student Affairs will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the form. If you would like to talk to someone at the Office of Student Affairs please call +30 210 600-9800 ext. 1446.

An Incident Report Form should be completed for every alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Residence Rules and Regulations and any other College policy as soon as possible to ensure prompt investigation and resolution by the College.

If the incident is of a medical nature, please call the ACG Nurses at +30 210 600-9800 ext. 1193, 1093 or 1500 and if it is a life-threatening nature please call 166 (EKAB Ambulance Service).

More information on how to reach the ACG nurses and Health and Wellness Services can be found at the ACG Health and Wellness page on this website.

For other life-threatening emergencies or other security issues, call College Security at the Main Gate +30 210 600-9800 ext. 1100.