Student Code of Conduct

Deree is your new home away from home. It is a place where you will not only take classes leading towards a degree, but will also spend time outside of the classroom in seminars and workshops on topics related to your major and topics that help you expand your world view, gain new skills and maintain a healthy life; get involved in athletics on a team or just recreationally; you may choose to become involved in Deree Student Life and join a club or society or take part in community service through the Meaningful Engagement Program.

In our home away from home, we are all responsible for maintaining a safe environment. We also have rights and responsibilities and are expected to respect the rights and freedoms of others and to exhibit both inside and outside the classroom conduct becoming of a student in both manner and attitude. This is why the College has developed its own standards for student conduct as well as procedures for disciplinary action.

In an environment where personal and academic integrity is honored students are able to:

  • Live safely
  • Define and pursue educational and professional goals
  • Develop skills for life, leadership and service
  • Become critical and creative thinkers and social aware individuals
  • Prepare for lives of reflection as well as responsible civic engagement in a complex, global world

How can I learn more about these standards?

Become familiar with the Student Code of Conduct including the Student Honor Pledge, and Residence Rules and Regulations.

All ACG students are responsible for abiding by the Student Conduct Code

If you are residing in the ACG Residence Complex you are also responsible for abiding by the Residence Rules and Regulations (pages 10-15).