Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Minor in Modern Languages

Quick info

The Minor in Modern Languages offers beginner to low – intermediate courses in French, German, Italian, Modern Greek and Spanish.

With a Minor in Modern Languages, you will:

  • Develop the ability to communicate in other languages, gain a better understanding and grow a deeper appreciation of other cultures, customs and ways of life.
  • Enrich your CV, improve your prospects for graduate program admission, and boost your career opportunities.
  • Change your trip abroad experience by traveling as a speaker of the local language.

What You Will Study


The Minor in Modern Languages requires the completion of six (6) courses in two different languages.

You can follow one of the two options:

Option 1
Six courses: three (3) courses in the first language choice and three (3) courses in the second language choice

Option 2
Six courses: four (4) courses in the first language choice and two (2) courses in the second language choice

Offered courses

FR 1000 (CEFR-A1)
FR 1101 (CEFR-A2)
FR 2202 (CEFR-B1)
FR 2210 Business French (CEFR-B1)

GE 1000 (CEFR-A1)
GE 1101 (CEFR-A2)
GE 2202 (CEFR-B1)
GE 2210 Business German (CEFR-B1)

IT 1000 (CEFR-A1)
IT 1101 (CEFR-A2)
IT 2202 (CEFR-B1)
IT 3352 Travel into Italian Cinema (CEFR-B1)

Modern Greek
GR 1000 (CEFR-A1)
GR 1101 (CEFR-A1+)
GR 2202 (CEFR-A2)
GR 2205 (CEFR-A1+ to A2)
GR 2303 (CEFR-A2+)

SN 1000 (CEFR-A1)
SN 1101 (CEFR-A2)
SN 2202 (CEFR-B1)
SN 3310 Spain and Latin America Today (CEFR-B1)

All language courses are open to non-native speakers only.

Students with previous knowledge of the language of their choice must sit a placement test.

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