Accounts & Passwords

Accounts for ACG IT resources are automatically generated when a new student or employee completes their acceptance of admission or employment. When this status is attained in the employee or student college system, a NetUsername, email and storage account are automatically generated. This is a technical process and cannot be bypassed. Contact the HelpDesk or the Student Success Center if you have difficulty accessing your ACG NetUsername.

The ACG NetUsername is a unique login credential for each ACG student, faculty, or staff member. It is used to access your personal accounts on multiple ACG College systems.

Users are responsible for maintaining the privacy and security of their computer network account user logon names and passwords and for the computer information systems accessed through the network. Users are also responsible for the activities carried out under their user accounts. Users are granted access to computing, networks, telecommunications and electronically stored information contingent upon their prudent and responsible use. Access is granted to the individual only. Individuals are not authorized to transfer or share access with another.

For a detailed list of the policies that govern the use of technological resources @ACG please make sure that you carefully read the IT Policies page.