Graphic Design

BA (Hons) in Graphic Design
Validated by The Open University, UK

Introduction to the Major in Graphic Design

The BA in Graphic Design exposes students to a comprehensive, rigorous curriculum that integrates theory, the creative process and new technologies. By developing creativity, critical and conceptual thinking, and communication skills, the program enables students to become successful, versatile practitioners in a global environment, or pursue further academic studies in the field of Graphic Design and Visual Communication. The program takes a holistic approach in terms of integrating different areas like print media, digital media and environmental Graphic Design and it draws from related disciplines such as Visual Arts, Communication/Advertising, Management and Information Technology. Furthermore students benefit from a Liberal Education curriculum which focuses on essential competencies that an educated person should possess today. This will make the Graphic Design graduates capable and flexible to face today’s professional needs.

What You Will Study

The Bachelor’s degree program is awarded with a total of 121 US credits. It consists of the Liberal Education curriculum (43 US credits), including History of Art from the Middle Ages to the present; courses in related disciplines such as Visual Arts, Communication and Management (30 US credits); and the Graphic Design concentration (42 US credits), which includes such topics as Typography, Branding and Packaging, Illustration, Visual Literacy, Designing for the Web, Digital Tools for Graphic Design and Production, History of Graphic Design, Contemporary Design Issues, etc. The Graphic Design program has also six credits in general electives.

Scholarships awarded for this major

For Entering Students:

For Continuing Students:

Career/Graduate Study Opportunities

Students will be able to continue their studies at a postgraduate level abroad. Career opportunities include work in design companies, branding and advertising agencies, design consultancies, Web design companies, publishing houses and many more. The range of creative professions includes all kinds of design services for the private, public or cultural sector. Freelance work, self-employment in one’s own Graphic Design studio and academic careers are some of the additional options.