Why Study Abroad

Τhe adventure of a lifetime awaits you

Studying abroad is one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. Numerous studies have shown that students who participated in study abroad programs during their college years have better grades, experience less attrition, higher graduation rates and fare better in the job market than students who do not study abroad. As a Deree –American College of Greece students you have the privilege to study for a semester or session in a study destination of your choice and enjoy valuable benefits for your professional and personal life:

Enrich your academic learning

Studying at a foreign institution allows you to experience a different educational system and add depth to your subject area

Cultivate cultural competence

Studying at a new country gives you a new perspective about the culture, history and people; you experience a different way of life; you enjoy incredible traditions, foods, customs and social norms

Build independence

When on study abroad you take responsibility of yourself and you learn to manage your living circumstances on your own

Develop flexibility and spur innovative thinking

Going abroad is an opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone and test yourself in unfamiliar circumstances where your flexibility, adaptability and innovative thinking will sharpen

Enhance access to future job and graduate school opportunities

Your study abroad experience reflects on your skills, competences and personality and makes your resume stand out in today’s globalized world of work, while it enhances your prospects for graduate studies

Become an ambassador of your own country and culture

Study abroad students have numerous chances to promote their own country among fellow students and instructors, develop an appreciation and understanding of their own culture, and enhance the reputation of their degree

Make great friends, travel to amazing places, have fun

No matter how international your home institution is, going abroad offers you the opportunity to live, study and travel together with students from all over the world