Student Clubs

Are you looking for ways to get involved on campus? Do you have a particular skill or interest you are interested in sharing with others? Student clubs at DEREE provide students a wide selection of extracurricular activities. Below you can find all our current clubs and see what each one does on campus! Still haven’t found something that expresses you? Stop by the Office of Student Affairs for information on how to start a new club!


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Founded in 2009 by Deree – The American College of Greece students, the AFCEA Student Club aspire and acts to be the connection between the Deree student body and the wider field of business. Serving its non-profit character, the AFCEA Student Club does not require anything more of its members than the desire to acquire and ethically exchange knowledge within the broader International Business Network. The AFCEA Student Club is dedicated to passing on the knowledge through exploration of issues relevant to its student-members in all different domains, such as: Information Technology (IT), Business Security, Business Communication and Intelligence Forums (Pools of Knowledge). The Club is the creator of, the International version of the Student Club which welcomes all youngsters of the globe to join this ethical medium of information exchange and business involvement with the wider business spectrum.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Emmanuel Varouhas, School of Business
Regular meeting time: Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 17.30, CN 1100
Interests: New technologies, Research, Travelling
Skillset developed: Presentation, Research, Networking, Team work, Fundraising, Budgeting

Better Days for Strays Club

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The Better Days for Strays Club aims to raise awareness in the community about animal shelters and animal welfare, particularly regarding stray dogs, and on the benefits of their interaction with humans. They assist in the realization of the ethical, social and practical needs of the Agia Paraskevi Animal Welfare Shelter [AP AWS]/Filozoiki, support the benefits of the canine-human interaction, promote the CSR initiative between ACG and Agia Paraskevi AWS/Filozoiki through social media and raise further awareness of strays’ circumstances. Club members explore how curricula learning outcomes may be facilitated through synergies with other student/college bodies and reward student engagement in the club.

Email: [email protected]
Advisors: Sophie Dimitriadou, Academic Advisor | Chara Gkioka, Academic Advisor
Regular meeting time: Every Thursday 13.30 – 15.00 and every Friday 15.00 – 16.00 Agia Paraskevi Shelter Walk.
Interests: Community service, Animals, Animal Rights
Skillset developed: Volunteerism, Team Work, Campaigning, Fundraising, Budgeting

Bonsai & Urban Gardening

Email: [email protected]
Advisors: Michael Valahas
Regular meeting time: Every Tuesday, Thursday 13:30-15:00
Interests: Art, self-exploration, ecology, nature, gardening
Skillset developed: Urban growing, socializing, exploring alternatives, caring for the environment

Book Club

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Book Club aims to introduce its members to a different way of viewing literary works while inspiring and motivating them to read more in their free time. Open discussion and sharing of ideas without discrimination or judgement is fostered within this club during their weekly and monthly meetings held to talk about excerpts or entire books, movie adaptations, and even literary eras. Join one of their meetings and look for their activities on campus that include second-hand book sales and book drives.

Email: [email protected]
Advisors: Dr. Peter Zervos
Regular meeting time: Every Friday, 15:00-15:50, DC 601
Interests: Reading, Writing, Oral Interpretation
Skillset developed: Analysis, Synthesis, Discussion, Presentation, Research

Creative Writing Club

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The Creative Writing Club is open to any Deree students interested in any genre of creative writing such as poetry, fiction, plays, graphic novels, and more. The purpose of the Creative Writing Club is to provide an atmosphere where students will be able to develop their writing skills and channel their creativity. In addition, the club includes workshops, exercises, all in the end goal of helping students to build a portfolio. Furthermore, the club explores creative writing in various areas such as business, advertising, video games, and more.

Email: [email protected]
Advisors: Dr. Kalfopoulou
Regular meeting time: DC608 every Wednesday during activity hour
Interests: Creative writing in all kinds of media and genres
Skillset developed: Writing, Creativity, Organization

Dance Club

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The Dance Club seeks to promote dance as a performing art, as well as a means of creative expression and artistic teamwork through dance and movement and exploration of all forms of dance technique.

Dance Club workshops are open to the entire student body. We also enjoy fieldtrips to various performances in downtown Athens and perform original choreographies in various college events such as Orientation, Fall Festival and WinterWonderland.

We firmly believe that “DANCE IS FOR ALL.”

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Cindi Trent, Instructor, Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts
Regular meeting time: every Wednesday, 15:00-16:00, Gym Studio 3
Interests: Dance, Music, Arts
Skillset developed: Physical activity, Team work, Team building, Performance

Debate Club

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The Debate Club aims to engage students in the art of rhetoric as practiced in British Parliamentary debating.  Deree Debate Club Invitational meets are held on campus bi-annually, while members of the club are selected annually to participate in the European Union Debate Championship and the World’s University Championship.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Solon Molho, Part –time Instructor, School of Business
Regular meeting time: Every Friday, 18:00-21:00, DC 701
Interests: Public Speaking, Debating, Research, Travelling
Skillset developed: Presentation, Analysis, Synthesis, Research, Team work, Cultural competence

Deree Advertising Club

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The purpose of this club is to foster a broader understanding and engagement with advertising, addressing students from different schools and departments who are interested in the field. Getting together, discussing, sharing and familiarizing with the products and the industry may help students acquire critical and creative skills relating to the area.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Georgia-Zozeta Miliopoulou
Regular meeting time: Wednesday, Activity Hour
Interests: Creative advertising in the traditional and new media, around the world!
Skillset developed: A critical approach to advertising; understanding advertising strategy; promoting and fostering advertising creativity; benchmarking and following the trends; understanding advertising in context and the cultural implications of advertising.

Diversity & Inclusion Club

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The Diversity and Inclusion Club was established to create an inclusive environment for all students to experience acceptance, belonging and feel empowered to engage in the campus culture as a valued member of our community. The club aims to raise awareness around diversity issues and to inspire students to address and try to solve any problem related to them. Through various activities the club attempts to make issues of diversity accessible, meaningful and fun. Above all the main purpose of this club is to bring students with different backgrounds, characteristics, stories, personalities and goals together to form a community that would value their differences and to create an environment of inclusion open to everyone.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Evgenia Vagianou, Dr. Ritsa Ventouratos-Fotinatos
Regular meeting time: Every Thursday 13:45-14:30
Interests: Issues of Diversity in Different Contexts
Skillset developed: Communication Skills, Being a Good Listener, Multicultural Awareness, Taking Initiative.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club

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The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club aims at providing students with a better idea of the world of entrepreneurship and strives to involve its members in innovative applications, projects and ideas.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Joanna Konstantinou, School of Business
Regular meeting time: every second Wednesday, 15:00-16:00, Student Lounge
Interests: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business, Networking, Research, Reporting
Skillset developed: Entrepreneurship, Research, Presentation, Reporting, Networking, Team work

Fashion Club

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The Fashion Club seeks to make people more open minded by introducing them to various means of expression through fashion, thereby encouraging individual personality and personal style. It is not afraid of the critique/criticism that comes from society’s upholding particular stereotypes or taboos but welcomes dialog on them. The Fashion Club organizes events revolving around fashion, such as fashion shows, clothing donations/charities, and lectures by fashion gurus.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Sophie Dimitriadou, Academic Advisor and Rita Dionysopoulou, Student Success Center
Interests: Fashion, Arts, Awareness Raising, Event planning
Skillset developed: Promotion, Event planning, Networking, Performance, Fundraising, Budgeting

Film Club

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The Film Club is dedicated to the art of cinema. Students who join the club are interested in watching films or participating in activities which are film-oriented. The aim of the Film Club is to create a forum for students interested in movies (either from a theoretical or practical perspective), where we can exchange ideas and share our love for cinema. Our activities vary, from watching films on campus to attending movie premiers, and visiting film institutes, exhibitions and festivals. Each year the Club also tries to organize an on-campus, short films festival for college students. Students from all academic areas are free to submit an entry.  All are welcome to join.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Melenia Arouh, PhD, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Regular meeting time: TBA
Interests: Film, Arts, Communication, Media
Skillset developed: Analysis, Presentation, Event planning, Promotion

Gaming Club

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Gaming club was created to meet, greet and play video games with fellow students. Members are connecting with each other, playing video games and fantasy board games as well. The club’s two main goals are to build an on campus gaming community which will be part of the biggest community in the world, and also, bring several gaming related events to DEREE in which a large amount of people can join.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Charalambos Rizopoulos
Regular meeting time: every Wednesday and Thursday, 15:00-16:00 and 13:30-15:00, DC 606
Interests: Gaming, Board games, New technologies
Skillset developed: Gaming, Networking

Gazette Club

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The Gazette Club is a monthly publication that reports on current events and college events, while providing insight into a variety of topics of interest to students, including but not limited to entertainment, sports and fashion. Join the Gazette team and be part of the fun!

Email: [email protected]
Advisors: Prof. Daniel McCormac
Regular meeting time: TBA
Interests: Current local and global events, Campus life, Writing, Research, Online press
Skillset developed: Writing, Editing, Presentation, Research, Interviewing, Promotion, Fundraising, Budgeting

Health & Social Awareness Club

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The Health and Social Awareness Club was established to inform the student body on matters concerning their health through educational material, to encourage them to participate in health related conferences and seminars and to strengthen awareness about healthy living on campus, while fostering a sense of community among students. The HSA Club organizes lectures and events on campus, including the ACG blood drives of both semesters.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Evangelia Andreadou-Samara, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Interests: Health, Social issues, Volunteerism, Community Service
Skillset developed: Campaigning, Awareness raising, Event planning, Volunteerism, Fundraising

Investment Club

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The Investment Club aims at initiating its members into the Investment Principles and Best Practices through Interactive Discussions with market professionals and Workshops delivered by prominent companies.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Dr. Vasillis Sogiakas (Finance Program co Ordinator)
Interests: Real Estate, Private Equity, Consulting, Investment Banking, Entrepreneurship
Skillset Developed: Trading, Valuation, Networking

LGBTQ+ Awareness Club

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The LGBTQi+ Awareness Club has created and fostered an environment conducive to supporting LGBTQi+ students, encouraging personal growth and outreach, as well as exploration of one’s identity, among the campus community. The club aims to raise awareness of both local and global LGBTQi+ issues, as well as support expression, communication and constructive dialogue of LGBTQi+ issues within and beyond the campus community.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Lucy Kanatsoulis, Dean of Enrollment and International Students
Regular meeting time: TBA
Interests: Gender awareness and LGBTQi+ issues, Sexual orientation, Health and Social issues
Skillset developed: Volunteerism, Campaigning, Awareness raising, Event planning, Self-awareness, Accepting diversity, Networking

MUN Club

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The purpose of the MUN Club is to encourage the development of skills useful throughout students’ lives, such as research, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution, compromise and cooperation. The Club also serves as a mean to extend students’ understanding of global issues while simultaneously representing and promoting DEREE nationally and internationally at conferences within academic communities.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Christof Gassenschmidt
Regular meeting time: every Friday, 15:00-16:00, DC 502
Interests: Global issues, United Nations institutional framework, International affairs, Presentation, Economic, Political, Social, Cultural issues, Human Rights, Travelling
Skillset developed: Presentation, Research, Policy-making, MUN Resolutions development, Debate, Team work, Cultural competence, Networking

Music Club

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The Music Club is open to all DEREE students with an interest in music. Members are able to perform, to discuss music topics, attend film screenings related to music, and enjoy concerts with other club members. The Music Club offers its members the opportunity to express their musical interests and even develop their performing skills.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Georgios Papageorgiou, PhD, School of Business
Regular meeting time: Monday, 17.00, Pierce Music Room
Interests: Music, Performance, Socializing, Event planning, Jamming
Skillset developed: Performance, Event planning, Promotion

Poetry Club

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The Poetry Club aims to encourage students to read and write poetry. Through various projects, workshops and other events, students will have the opportunity to meet other poetry enthusiasts, get in touch with their creative side, express themselves, share their work and receive constructive criticism on it. Additional to the workshops, the club organizes events like open mics, poetry related projects to be displayed on campus and lectures by published poets.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Harris Vlavianos, PhD, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Regular meeting time: every Friday, 15:00-16:00, DC 603
Interests: Reading, Writing, Oral Interpretation
Skillset developed: Analysis, Synthesis, Discussion, Presentation, Research

SDG – Sustainable Development Goals Student Program

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The SDG Student Program (Sustainable Development Goals Student Program), founded in 2019, is the official student Hub of the Greek charter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The Deree SDG Student Program is part of the global network of student hubs, where students can come together to learn about, engage with, and take action on the Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, we are working closely with SDSN Greece and SDSN Youth Greece. Students that will be involved will have the opportunity to innovate towards working for the SDGs as the Network supports all student initiatives, form partnerships with United Nations agencies and network with prestigious people. By joining the students will become members of the SDSN Network in Greece. The SDG Coordinator responsible for Deree Campus along with the Program’s members will have the opportunity to realize out of the box events to promote all SDGs.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Rania Assariotaki
Regular meeting time: TBA

Self-Awareness & Meditation Club

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The SAMC focuses on providing students with a space to develop and cultivate inner peace and balance through the practice of meditation and other inter-spiritual techniques such as reiki and qi gong. Although this club is not affiliated with any religion, it is dedicated to interfaith dialogue. Members can participate in sessions and attend seminars and lectures arranged by the Club, as well as ongoing events in Athens via the club’s affiliation with other centers.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Sophie Themelis, Wellness Coordinator, ACG Health & Wellness Center
Regular meeting time: Every Tuesday, 1:45- 3:00, Gym Studio 1 and Zen Garden (when the weather is appropriate)
Interests: Meditation, Self-Awareness, Spirituality, Stress management, Wellness
Skillset developed: Meditation techniques, Stress management techniques, Physical activity

Theater in the Making Club

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The Theatre in the Making Club focuses on raising awareness of non-theater major students about the joys of theater and familiarizing them with the different components of a theatrical production through fun activities, including but not limited to improve exercises, set, costume and make up tutorials. Club members will also have the opportunity to screen plays, visit theaters and participate in playwriting exercises as well.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Prof. Katerina Nikolopoulou, Frances Rich School of Fine and Performing Arts
Regular meeting time: Every Friday, 15:00-16:00, Black Box Theater
Interests: Theater, Acting, Directing, Stagecraft, Oral interpretation
Skillset developed: Performance, Public speaking, Analysis, Synthesis

Videography Club

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The Videography Club’s main focus is to provide students with the opportunity to express themselves through the lens. Practice filmmaking, from directing, screenwriting, sound design and operation of audiovisual equipment. Explore and experiment with different forms of storytelling (ex: Short films, Music videos, advertisements, corporate videos). The Videography club also acts as a medium for other Deree clubs, organizations, and societies to showcase their work through collaborations.

Email: [email protected]
Advisor: Daniel McCormac
Regular meeting time: Every Monday, Activity Hour (14.30-15.20)
Interests: Filming, Photography, Directing,  Acting, Visual storytelling
Skillset developed: Operation of audiovisual equipment, video editing, team work, flexible creativity, decisive and problem solving leadership

Women in Technology and Science – WiTS

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The Women in Technology and Science Club (WiTS) aims to inspire female students to pursue STEM-related degrees and careers.  The club wants to create awareness, enthusiasm, and opportunities among young women to launch successful STEM-related careers, to break stereotypes and help students build an encouraging environment for development in all areas related to technology and the sciences. The club plans to organize networking events aiming to bring together students with female professionals working in STEM related fields willing to mentor them and help them build and succeed in their careers.
Any student – male or female – is welcome to join the club.

Email: [email protected]
Advisors: Prof. Vassia Stefanou, MIS,  School of Business and Economics and Prof. Despina Makri,  IT, School of Liberal arts and Sciences
Regular meeting time: TBA
Interests:  Innovation, STEM, gender equality, IT, empowerment, research, career selection
Skillset developed: Awareness raising, Event planning, Networking, Teamwork

More to Explore!

Astronomy Club

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Biology Club

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The purpose of the Biology Club is to actively present to the Deree community issues of scientific relevance which they have researched. The Biology Club discusses interesting and debatable scientific issues and participates in programs such as Health Week, Wellness Experience and Psychology Week seminars. The Club also visits research centers, exhibitions and museums. The future of the Club is its members and their desire to pursue Club’s goals. Students of all majors may participate.


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We are a community of academics aiming to change the globe. We use any method required based on efficiency and cost. We do not shy away from discussions of any topic to not stifle the promotion of rationality, logic and knowledge. If you are interested in having fun or not undertaking difficulty, do NOT apply since BlanClub’s target is far from it. Curious enough? Find one of our posters and send us the answer to its proposition in order to be accepted in. You are given additional information through the deciphering process. Bare your mind; we lie ahead of you…!?

Consulting Club

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The Consulting Club undertakes various projects for real businesses. Small teams meet with companies that are interested in the service in order to gather information about their needs (Finance, Management, IT, etc). The teams brainstorm and come up with a solution to the problem by undertaking a specific project, which they in turn present to the company with the time frame needed.

Cultures & Languages Club

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The Cultures and Languages Club at Deree organizes events on campus related to foreign cultures and languages, increases awareness of events taking place in Athens related to foreign cultures and languages and encourages students from various countries to meet and communicate.

Deree Radio Club

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The Deree Radio Club “broadcasts” all week long during the Activity Hours from the Student Lounge! Love playing music? Join in the fun!

HubIT Club

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This club is here to boost students’ existing IT skills and help them develop new ones through practice in a real-world job-like environment while offering them the opportunity to participate in an activity that they are passionate about through monthly workshops and on and off campus seminars and lectures. The HubIT club is here to apply academic knowledge and gain hands-on experience, create useful technology related products and participate in educational events.

Latin Club

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The Latin Club explores Latin Culture as a whole: the music, the dance, the food, the lifestyle. Latin dancing plays a special role in this club as we meet weekly for lessons that promote a healthy lifestyle and vibrant social interactions. All are welcome in the Latin Club – join us at our weekly meeting and become part of the movement!

Oriental Dance and Cultures club

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The Oriental Club aims at exposing Deree students to the different aspects of oriental culture including dancing, culture, cuisine, traditions, fashion and more.

Photography Club

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Do you have a love of photography? Do you enjoy taking pictures? The Photography Club is a place for everyone from amateur level to pro. If you are a novice, or are experienced and knowledgeable, come share what you know with the club. You don’t have to have a professional camera, Smartphone’s are also welcome! This is about having fun, meeting people, being social and expanding our skill set in photography. We will be meeting twice a month to discuss photography tips and ideas and to compare pictures based on a theme of the week.

For any questions or further information, contact Student Affairs
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: 210 600 9800, ext. 1446